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It was the week that GTA IV came out, so there was a lot of pretending to be done. We pretended to be excited, pretended to buy it, pretended to like it and pretended we'd rather play it than get a few more Achievements out of Ikaruga instead. It is, pretty much, A WORLD OF LIES. Including:
  • This thing which is a slightly embellished account of trying to find a copy of GTA IV on launch day.

  • This thing which is a massively embellished account of trying to find a copy of GTA IV the day after launch.

  • This thing about The Pirate Bay getting in on GTA IV launch fever by encouraging everyone to steal it off the internet.

  • This thing about Radiohead which still doesn't make much sense.

  • This thing about ridiculously fashionable youths standing in the vicinity of scooters, because you can't not use pictures like this when they come along:

  • It's a scooter, not a motorcycle. And that's what looks like a woman

    It's either carry on doing this or retrain and get a job as an IT support manager for a bank. Might as well stick with this.
    Blogger SMEGHaMMeR said...
    Mod trannies = no.
    Blogger Halverde said...
    No link to that videoreview you did in an awful Russian accent?
    Blogger lenny said...
    Would. Short legs or not.
    Blogger Snogit said...
    I'd ride both of them.
    Blogger Supersonicjim said...
    I would like to give her a kick start.
    Blogger Mafro said...
    I'd let her rev my handle bar etc.
    Blogger Nick said...
    Err, let's burn some rubber. By rubber, I mean condoms. And by burn, I mean sex.

    On a bike.
    Blogger fujiwaratofu said...
    hope shes wearing roll-on

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