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Sony has now said that Gran Turismo Mobile won't appear until 2009. That's the game it sent out box art, disc art and fake screenshots for back in May of 2004, designed to lie to people about the capabilities and software catalogue of its PlayStation Portable.

And we've just noticed those are a woman's hands.

Tick tick tick tick BOOM

With every passing day, this lie sets a new record for 'Biggest Lie'. It is unlikely it will be beaten within our life times.

GT6 Mobile

It also wins Longest Running Lie, Biggest Joke, Most Desperate Statement and Most Ominous Portent of The Shape of Things to Come.

At least it will come in that shape of box

It is the Bob Beamon Mexico City 1968 of lies. This lie will stand triumphant for at least 30 years.

'I not get... particular... memo...'

"I don't think we'll be able to make the end of this year for the PSP version" - Kazunori Yamauchi, Polyphony Digital, April 2008.
Blogger Dr Hamhock MD said...
There's nothing quite like a Bob Beamon reference to pop my filthy cork.
Blogger Cyber Razor said...
Fuck me. You been waiting 30 years to crowbar that reference in?
Blogger ian said...
GT's day has passed. Although this has probably slipped some more to allow integration with GT5 when it arrives. Or it may just be the Duke Nukem Forever of handheld games.
Blogger AT said...
I'm guessing those woman's hands belong to a GT4 programmer. More accustomed to scrubbing floors and giving out hojos. Hence the game will never come out.
Blogger Blue Skies said...
Hmmm, the games retailer that I work under said that it was officially cancelled as of two months ago.
Blogger Stephen said...
I imagine that's simply because said retailer was dumb enough to take deposits on it in July 2004.

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