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Someone else has one. And it hasn't leaked over everything! And he's got a decent camera and knows how to use it.


"Hey, just got in from work and saw your blog on the SEGA MEGA POWER battery. I remembered having one in my drawer and it was still there, so it was! I got it a couple years ago as it was hiding inside the battery compartment of a Multi Mega I got off eBay."

SEGA MEGA POWER: More exciting than a Multi Mega

"I have since sold the old Multi Mega but held onto the battery as I didn't want to part with it! So here are a couple pretentiously arty photos of it! Where's my tenner? - Euan."

The tenner is for an actual battery, not just a photograph. You have to part with it. You still in? We're still in.
Blogger Craig said...
What are you planning to do with said battery once you've acquired it?
Blogger Trilby said...
If you slide two (or three if you're a lucky boy) down your urethra you can pretend to be Dr. Robotnik's newest cyborg invention!

(Sonic Team: no stealing this idea for the next game.)
Blogger TEAM SONIC said...
Dr Robotdick is already paintented.
Blogger maxp said...
What is paintented and where can i buy one?
Blogger TEAM SONIC said...
"paintented" is the standard japanese mistranslated spelling for patented.
Blogger TheSwillMan said...
Who is Dr.Robotnik?
Last I heard he was being called
'Eggman'. Stupid fucking Sonic Team.
or Sonic Team USA. Maybe Yuji Naka actually did stuff... :-/
Blogger Keet said...
WARNING: Tediously copy-pasted snippet ahoy.

"Due to a split storyline between the Japanese and American/European Sonic games, the character of Robotnik/Eggman has been known by several names in the various media and adaptations of the Sonic franchise. In Japan, the character has always been known as "Doctor Eggman" since his introduction in the first Sonic the Hedgehog game. However, in early American and European game versions and other media he is known as Doctor Ivo Robotnik. Although, despite this, both names slipped occasionally in the different regions."

Ah yes, a wikicrap. However, for the more discerning customer, I do remember seeing an article about how the whole mess was Sega USA's development so there really is no such thing as sonic being a japanese invention..not in the true sense anyway.

Not that anyone particularly gives much of a damn either.

Nor will they read this )':
Blogger Tomleecee said...
I used to hve a Multimega. Until my brother threw it at me. I was quick enough to dodge it, but the ensuing wall/console correlation resulted in an eruption of plastic and tears. It didn't come with any Sega batteries though.
Blogger Tysoe_J said...
On second photo, read the disclaimer on the battery...

"Manufactured for Sega by Sony Energytec Inc"

Blogger comfysofa said...
Swill man, havent seen anything posted by you for the last few days....lets keep it that way, eh....everyones happy then.
Blogger P.P.A. said...
Before Sonic Adventure, the character was always known as "Dr. Eggman" in Japan and "Dt. Ivo Robotnik" in Europe and the USA.
In SA, they cleverly got around this by making his official name "Dr. Ivo Robotnik" everywhere, but had Sonic and pals refer to him as "Eggman".
What's stupid however is that he now uses that nickname in every other game to refer to himself.
Blogger EssBen said...
I had some of those, but I was young and not yet the OCD like junk hoarder of today so they actually got chucked when they were done with :(

And wherever you put them, do make sure you put them the right way around!

iegzxz: the noise made when inserting a Sega battery into ones urethra the wrong way round.

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