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Someone who has a set emailed a photo. They are slightly worse for wear. We still want some, just not these particular ones. Anyone with a set that hasn't suffered a severe negative end prolapse please get in touch.

Sony-made batteries, true to form

"In sheer SEGA collecting lunacy I bought a pack of these things back in 2005 or 6. They came in a blister which I opened to take them out to see if they still worked (and to take pictures of them, naturally). Two of them weren't corroded and worked fine. They should be in my Game Gear, actually.

"I thought about sending you these pictures when you did the update how SEGA batteries would complete your life but thought they weren't that big a deal (oh how wrong I was). Guess I'll send you that picture of a SEGA g-string that was sold on Yahoo Auctions after all..

"Anyway, here's a picture as of today. Complete with all the 'white crumbly stuff' that came out and was spread all over my dining table (and which should do a fine job rendering me impotent). However, taking pictures of fifteen year old obscure SEGA merchandise at 2 AM makes you wonder if that's such a bad thing... Ivan."
Blogger Bouncybhall said...
That white stuff is VERY familiar... looks like someone 'loves' Sega batteries more than you Zorg.
Blogger Carriageman said...
is that a brown stain around the end of the battery on the top. I wonder where that has been?
Blogger MAK said...
i thought you'd promised no more battery updates ever if you got some, no matter the condition?

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