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This is rapidly becoming our favourite type of update. It's just a thing that looks a bit like another thing. It requires no thought, just a bit of looking at to decided if the thing really does look like the thing it's supposed to.

In this case, it does. It really is a bridge that looks like a Space Invader.

Bridge/Space Invader amazing coincidence

"Right, lets get to it, I found a bridge that sort of looks like a Space Invader. I thought it was a Gadget with a Face but then realised that it wasn't, so sent it to UK Resistance instead because a Bridge isn't exactly an idiot toy. Obviously, feel free to ignore my e-mail and insert it roughly into your recycle bin. By the way, I didn't take this picture with a super-dooper DSLR camera - I simply nicked it off Flickr. Thanks, CHRIS."
Blogger munificent said...
I am entirely in favour of the "Things that look like games things" strand.
Blogger Cunzy11 said...
Why don't you just retire UK:R and redirect it to Idiot Toys? It's your favourite child Zorg, we all know it.
Good luck with breaking into the big time with that slut blog.

Blogger Botrax said...
Montreal! Reprezent!
Blogger John said...
Borehamwood. Doezn't.

inawi - good question, what is in a Wii
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
You think photos of reader's remote controls are better than this?
Blogger Grumbler said...
I can't see it.

Did the sender only play some kind of knock-off Amstrad version of Space Invaders?
Blogger Joe said...
Sounds like its time for a new feature called "Things we stole off Flickr that look a bit like things from other things that we may or may not have stolen or been sent in by a reader or something".

Idiot toys won't know what hit it! Except it will, since you write both.

Look, I never said I was smart did I?
Blogger Cunzy11 said...
I think Joe's idea is premium! Boing boing would love it. it's just so, so meta

And how dare you belittle the reader who sent in the remote lineup. If he reads this I'll bet it'll be the last time he sends an email about his remotes to you sir!

Let's see where "elsewhere from the network" would be then.
Blogger Jobseeker X said...
Space Invaders my bollocks. It's clearly a Berzerk robot.
Blogger P.P.A. said...
Today I was in the city with my grandparents when I remembered that one place: A casino with Outrun 2, Outrun 2 SP, Virtua Striker 4 and possibly some other SEGA machines. But, they wouldn't let me in (because they also have gambling machines and I'm younger than 18 (16 to be exact))! Not even with my grandfather coming with me! Such... such a crime.
Next time I'm around there I'll take some photos from the machines through the windows and write an emo email to UK:R.

Speaking of emails, did you get the one with the photos of the Master System 2 COnverter?
Blogger S0L said...
It's OK I guess, but call me back when you have a Space Invader that looks like a bridge.

Blogger benny lemon said...
I think "Photos of architecture which contain some sort of abstract gaming reference" is a perfect fit for this blog.

I'm in!
Blogger EssBen said...
Damn, game over, never could get that last one!

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