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All that's up at the moment is a flash intro. And even that's rubbish and doesn't work very well. If this is an accurate teaser of what's to come, many boots shall be filled over the coming months.

Do call it a comeback

They're already being half-hearted about it and can't be bothered to think up names of their own for things. Very promising!

Titanic II

This odd message means it's either a joke or is going to be an even more amusing disaster than the last time.

Barely a semi

How is it possible to rise "again" when, initially, it didn't rise above the level of industry joke? Roll on the Gizmondo comeback! Can we be highly-paid consultants with company cars, please?
Blogger Mainman said...
'Psychic Worlds'? I want some of what they're smoking.
Blogger Fiddy-Pence said...
"How is it possible to rise "again" when, initially, it didn't rise above the level of industry joke?"

You say that, but I personally witnessed some very powerful (and therefore clueless) people seriously considering stocking it in their major retail chain, before we peons vetoed it faster than a UN declaration that would actually sort something out.

It was so close. So close.
Blogger Nick said...
"The legend is reborn"? I probably don't need to say anything, rather leave a gap for poeple to fill with their own spluttering disbelief___________________.

On another note, is there even such a word as 'Democratize'? Sounds like one of those corporate weasel words like 'monetize'. I haven't checked, but wouldn't be surprised, the whole thing smacks of marketing consultancy anyway.
Blogger Jawatron said...
It looks and sounds like an elaborate joke by some Uber Nerd. Probably the Quintin Tarantino of games.
Blogger WillPS said...
It only gets better... the flash intro is a template purchased off the shelf for $66.

Oh dear, and there was me hoping to shamelessly profit from a blog of their ludicrous spending. Sigh.
Blogger Chris said...
I'm impressed that you tracked down the flash to a template. After the disaster of the handheld I'm surprised they have the balls to try anything else in the videogame market.

Oh and I too visited the Gizmondo shop for the brief time it was open on Regent's Street. Apart from a bemused tourist and a floor salesman, I was the only one in there.
Blogger levdin said...
A ukr forum?
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
I took a photo of the Gizmondo section of HMV. It was the day Nintendogs came out, whenever that was, so it did have a brief window of high street acceptance. And Argos.

I may have used the photo already, but probably didn't seeing as it's not here and that's the day I took the photo.

Sorry. I don't know why I bother leaving comments. They're almost as dull as the actual updates.
Blogger lenny said...
Man, a shitty games console with no games, advertised by retards and founded by organised crime! Hold me back!
Blogger Branch-me-do said...
C'mon lenny, we've heard enough about the PS3 already! You late-bandwagon-jumping-on-er!
Blogger Lebowski said...
Would, would, wo... oh hang on.
Blogger Nick said...
Does the fact that I didn't know what a Jizzmondo was until I read about it on UK:R make me ignorant, or does it simply highlight how shitty the whole shebang was?

Probably a bit of both.


I've jumped the gun again, haven't I?
Blogger Bob said...
Someone needs to register and make some kind of funny joke using a picture of zombies or something.

I will, of course, take all the credit.
Blogger Jawatron said...
Blogger tentonipete said...
it appears to have been replaced with a logo created in microsoft paint.

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