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Good god, it's only the bloody Flag Man doing the umpiring in the OutRun level. Words. Not. Enough. Joy. Throbbing. Through. Veins.

The only thing better than this would be if they put Tim Henman in it to ironically represent Virtua Tennis.

Flag Man is played by Ron Jeremy

Need to go and have a lie down.

Best SEGA intro movie since Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, too. Not that that's a particularly good omen.
Blogger Fin said...
Not surprised they didn't show Robotnik's face at the end, it's obviously been turned into a red mush by Sonic's tennis ball.
Blogger Guru Larry said...

Why hast thou forsaken your original Mascot Sega????

No Opa-Opa or Wonder Boy either as a matter of fact. Sega didn't begin in 1991, remember your heratige!

Guru Larry (off XLEAGUE.TV)
Blogger Clad said...
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Blogger Clad said...
I see a fatal flaw to this game, because of the hungry & thirsty donkey paradox, no one will be able to ever start a game. (Who can choose between selecting Sonic and NiGHT ? I have no problem saying which of my kids I love the most,but Sonic and NiGHT ? Come on !)

Better buy smash bros which have some small side-kick such as mario, link or donkey kong, so that it's made obvious who's the coolest.
Blogger mikolai said...
Why is their a 'Bible Lessons' Google ad at the bottom of the page?

Anyway, that looks lovely. Want, get.
Blogger Mainman said...
@ Guru Larry:
Blogger Markusdragon said...
it feel so... Well, Sega.

In fact, the essense of the dreamcast liberally drips off of this intro. I'm drooling in anticipation!
Blogger Ben said...
It makes you wonder why they can't actually make Sonic games that look like his bit in the intro.
Blogger darren said...
I welled up a bit when sonic came on, is it wrong that it was from my japseye?
Blogger drknoisewater said...
Have Sega done anything with their "Sega Superstars" before? Because if they haven't its hard to see why. Considering Mario and Co. get whored out to any old shite thats average at best but then becomes "Nintendo Gold".
I may be wrong but if Sega had been doing this years ago like Nintendo when they were mainstream popular we could all be playing Sega Go-karting 4 on our Dreamcast 3's. Naked.
Blogger drknoisewater said...
Wii Console - £180

Sega Superstar Tennis - £40

Seeing Tim Henman get punched by Alex Kidds huge fist before Amigo starts throwing his own feccess at the UK's Tennis "hero" lying broken on the floor - priceless
Blogger Keet said...
There is a noticeable lack of Vyse and Aika sadly. With the gaming world finally starting to come off of its J-RPG phase, you'd think that a strategic sequel would be in order.



It's about time we had a solid Sega title.
Blogger ecaps said...
For all those who don't know what flagman can do :
Blogger Benjamin said...
I know some are complaining about the absence of Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Virtua Fighter, and some others, but, seriously, those games are too "seriously" themed and would look out of place in this mascot tennis game. Still would be great to have more characters for more variety, and having Psycho Fox and Segata Sanshiro as hidden characters would be fun, but I'm not disappointed in the cast. This game just bought me the excuse I needed to get an Xbox 360.

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