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As expected, the post-Christmas "Let's be REALLY awesome in 2008 and put LOADS of effort into EVERYTHING!" enthusiasm is already a distant memory. Here's what we slogged through and got away with during the last seven days for various other media nodes.
  • This thing about the Halo movie which isn't really very good, but we did come up with a nice idea of an ending for the film.

  • This thing where we "liveblogged" from PC World. It was a joke about all the people that "liveblogged" from the previous day's MacWorld. It was a fun afternoon, even though we had to shower with bleach to get the smell of death (PC World) off afterwards.

  • This thing about Star Wars shoes. There really wasn't anything better to write about on the entire internet that afternoon.

  • This thing which is just the same old anti-Mac thing we've been banging on about for years, only done with less swearing for the mainstream. There's a photo on it too, if you want to put my head on some gay porn for the amusement of the internet.

  • This thing about that man in his pants who says he "did" the Wii way before Nintendo.

  • This thing about LG's "fresh meat," because you can't not use pictures like this when they come along:

  • Definitely at least 17

    It's January. It's cold. It's raining. It's hard to be enthusiastic about anything. 4/10 and an apology.
    Blogger Friday said...
    Wait, we've seen the one on the right before.
    Blogger Chris said...
    Both of these LG girls look German...and they are probably traps as well.

    Apology accepted, UK:R.
    Blogger Branch-me-do said...
    The one on the left looks like a gay bloke.

    The one on the right's face looks 'exaggerated'.

    Would the right, but only up the arse.
    Blogger mrplow said...
    you're right, verhoeven COULD make it work!
    ah it could be so amazing.

    or maybe uwe bo...

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