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Guitar Hero's getting churned out at such an astonishing rate these days it's hard to be even remotely excited about it - especially when the core gameplay is worse than it was when the game was called "Frequency" and came out in 2001, and you could play it sitting down without having to be ironic about it or pretending to like The Killers.

Anyway, here's a photo of a woman demonstrating a Guitar Hero clone/tie-in called an "Air Rocker". It's just gone up on Games Press and is probably the sort of thing you lot will be interested in:

Twee Nguyen fan site update

Her name is Twee Nguyen. This doesn't count as us stalking her because this image has been released by the PR company and her name tag is clearly visible. No way is this threatening behaviour. And besides, she almost certainly lives in America so is too far away to worry about finding, or for her to worry about getting found.

Twee Nguyen fan site update

Here's one of her in an alternate costume (bottom-left). This photo was probably taken on a different day. Perhaps those are here "normal" clothes she usually wears? A brief four-hour session of Googling her brought up this, a video of her dancing and several "false positives" on social networking sites. See what you can find!
Blogger Ooshka said...
The top picture is actually the left half of a bigger image. On the right half there's another Asian girl, but this time she's naked, facing away from Twee and on all fours. You can guess where those two fingers are going.

I could be wrong, though.

vkkecol: a Dutch medicine for children
Blogger Ooshka said...
Oh, and something about the microphone, obviously.

wjvllxny: too fucking complicated for a word verification, thank you very much.
Blogger FuzzyPiggy said...
Oh dear me, is there anything sadder than trendy people pretending to "rock out" ( devil horns and all ), knowing they still consider bands like Europe and Guns'N'Roses to be the be epitomy of Heavy Metal!
Blogger ken said...
Its even sadder when game company reps pretend not only to like and understand about games, but then have to pretend to be rock chicks...the video was utter shit

....I still would though...
Blogger Chris said...
Just in case anyone has completely ignored this, there is a great open source guitar hero clone for PCs (Win/Mac/Linux) called Frets On Fire. Lots of free add ons and mods:

Air guitar does sound cool, but I am happy with button mashing so far.

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