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So few dogs turned up to the UK launch of Nintendo DS game Nintendogs that Nintendo had to hire FAKE DOGS to make it look like more dogs turned up than were actually there.

One of these dogs is not a real dog, and is a pathetic PR plant designed by Nintendo to make it look like DS Nintendogs is more popular with dogs than it really is.

It's pretty obvious which dog we're talking about. He knows we're onto him.

BUSTED! How on EARTH does Nintendo think we're going to fall for this?! That's OBVIOUSLY not a real dog! It's not even a very realistic costume, and real dogs NEVER give the thumbs-up signal. This is a disgraceful attempt at tricking the children. Nintendo ought to be ashamed.

Several attendees also indulged in blatant 'Nintendogging' -- the act of publicly exchanging Nintendogs data with strangers.
Blogger i is well fit said...
lol this is stupid tht dog looks like the people u hire 4 little kids b day my sisters is a better dog thn him he doesnt hav a tail!!!!!!!! p.s nintendogs rules thank u google 4 showin me dis site!!
Blogger i is well fit said...
o go 2 i mean dont it ruins ur computer!!
Blogger i is well fit said...
w00000000000 hello...... am i the only person in the world!!!!

p.s if i'm only boy weres only girl

no peds u homesexual freaks!!!
Blogger i is well fit said...
omg this is stupid does ne 1 us this site 2 mins thn i'm goin

fuk all peds .....i'll shoot u all!!
Blogger bri said...
hi only boy i guess im only girl hahahaha
Blogger bri said...
rune scape rules dont diss it!!!

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