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These come courtesy of some odd basketball event Microsoft recently organised in Korea.

The ladies are holding controllers in some of these photos, plus the Xbox 360 logo is clearly visible in a couple of them AND some people are playing games. Therefore it's perfectly within usual update parameters to use these pictures. This is practically news.

Or... 'Two large ones and four small ones, please, Carol'

Two from the top, four from the bottom, please, Carol.

Way too small and feminine. Call those jawlines?

FROM THIS MAN: "The event is some sort of promotional championship event for NBA 2K8 on the Xbox 360 and it took place late last year in Taipei. It really can't get any more uninteresting than that, a boring yearly update from a company that wishes it were EA games, on the most boring platform available. Which is why it needs Booth Babes, they're very cheap during outside of the exhibition season."

Silverside, £3.99/lb

"A girl, ruined by stupid clothes, ridiculous earrings, and a garish Xbox 360 symbol branded upon her neck. Like cattle."

Could pick them up by their ankles

"Can you spot which two in this image own an Xbox?"

Sort of Congratulations!

"The winner is presented a prize! Given HD-DVD's death, Microsoft has resorted to giving these things away. Look how happy the recipient is. Look how the screen in the background gives an air of Elvis to the presenter's hair."

Regional runner-up Southern Counties Autowindshields Gaming League Division 3

"Here's the winner's other prize - it's a return ticket to Korea, where he'll probably have to compete with more worthy regional winners and have to go through the same pointless motions yet again with the same ugly people who play basketball games on their Xbox 360s. He is on the verge of tears."


"If you do use these images, please don't mention my name, or my email handle, I do try to as inconspicuous as possible on the internet, because it's full of losers - SOME MAN WHO IS ASHAMED."

...and three battery packs inside her

And with that, he is gone. Leaving us to write our own captions about hot foreign women with Xbox 360 stickers crudely glued to various parts of their bodies. There's an Xbox sticker just about visible on her arm, for example.

Welcome to Butterflies exotic massage

Behold! The tallest ladies of the East!

'Is there a Dreamcast area?'

This is the registration area. Are we really expected to say something funny about this? Maybe we could've managed it in 1998, but not now.

'How many cocks at once?'

Always good to see what genuine enthusiasm and happiness looks like.

'How many cocks at once?'

That was too many in a row of men. Sorry about that formatting error. These photos were taken by a man called Rico Shen. Rico also took this one of a man from Intel.

I just want to see my mum

The literal, physical embodiment of the phrase "over the moon."
Blogger Halverde said...
It's about time they started properly tatooing these ladies, rather than that nonsense with transfers. There's quite a few girls in the world, so it's okay to permanently brand at least 1/2 of them.
Blogger Cunzy11 said...
Tenuous gaming theme, naughty alt text. UK:R back on track. Let's all pretend December and the first half of January didn't happen?
Blogger Ben said...
I'd definitely do a number on that one with Xbox360 on her neck. do you think a lovebite would leave an impression after it was removed?
Blogger Branch-me-do said...
Second picture, what on earth happened to that one on the right?

She can hold my coat while I have the one on the left, I guess.

rmjdb: acronym to help one remember what to do to a boothgirl: rim, mash tits, jizz, dump, bye!
Blogger bilal said...
In the first pic, the one that reminds me a bit of Audrey Hepburn (top row, fourth from the right) is a bit cross-eyed.

I clicked the image anyway just in case she was simply a victim of you lot's possible crappy MS Paint resizing strategies but nope, she really is a bit barmy.

Not that that would stop me or anything. Heck, she probably wouldn't even see me coming!

nfykg: korean dish
Blogger Sean said...
Taipei is in Taiwan, not Korea.
Blogger Allan said...
> "Behold! The tallest ladies of the east!"

You fools - you glorious fools.
Blogger Trilby said...
bilal: You do know that's a hat, right?
Blogger Lebowski said...
First photo:
Would, would, would, would, would't (guy), wouldn't (guy), would, would, would, would, would, would, would, would, would, would, would, would, would, would, would
Blogger Phil said...
I'll take the one on the far right in the first picture, or the second from the left, or both.

You'd better not switch the first picture with that of a man to make me look gay.
Blogger Renaud B. said...
First pic, somebody has to feed those two skeletons in the front NOW!
Blogger Matt said...
What is going on with the guy in the middle on the last photo.

Dear God he's only sticking his thumb up! Let's hope the "two finger peace sign" police don't snap his thumb off and force feed it to him.

What sort of crazy "individual" does he think he is?

pghbrf - The noise you make when being forced to eat your own thumb.
Blogger dctastic said...
1) Win contest
2) Drug girl
3) Help her 'home' using the pretext she is 'drunk'
4) Crudely brand a Dreamcast logo on her forehead with handy soldering iron
5) Take photo and laminate for future use
Blogger bilal said...
Trilby: the hat's not cross-eyed though!

And i'll admit I didn't even notice the hat :)
Blogger slim1945 said...
How many Microsoft points is one of them going to cost?
Blogger slim1945 said...
How many Microsoft points is one of them going to cost me?

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