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Complete transcript of event/conversation and a variety of photographs included as proof.

Almost within ejaculating distance!

This was at Video Games Live ages ago. Richard played the piano. We took photos, but were sitting/hiding right at the back and they came out very poorly. Hence the lack of an update at the time.

Two men, one of slightly larger stature

The photos were supplied at 3488 x 2616 resolution. But they were not particularly flattering to either man at that size, so good old 500 wide it is.


This is nearly the same picture, only less blurry. History demands that even the blurry photos of Richard and the ones with his eyes closed are used and saved for future generations, he is that important to modern culture. You wouldn't go binning a photo of you and Neil Tennant just because it came out a bit blurry or he had his eyes closed, would you?

"So there I was at Video Game Live. Intermission. Piss, wash hands, look up and right in front of me... RICHARD JACQUES!"
Grab wife, all possesions and camera. Walk up and say "Richard, do you mind having a picture taken with me?"

RJ: "Not at all"

RJ puts arm round me... and I him...

Wife takes first photo...


So I chat for a sec and mention how you guys love him.

RJ: "I know... you're not one of their spies are you?"

Me: "No... (thinking 'not yet')"

RJ: "Will probably see this on there tomorrow with something bad, huh?"

Me: "Are you kidding only nice things about you at UK:R..."

RJ: "Good"

"Man I swear he was like soooooo laid back. It made my night to stand near him and shake his hand. And god he can't half play piano - Paul"
Blogger Cunzy11 said...
Wow. Touched by the man.
Blogger MarioMark said...
The last picture is ace. Richard looks off his head!
Blogger Creepy Uncle said...
RJ may be laughing because unlike you he didn't wash his hands after taking a piss and now he's rubbing his hand all over your shirt. If you haven't washed the shirt since I'll give you 50 lovely quids for it
Blogger bilal said...
wow, so richard jacques really HAS heard of you lot!

i can put that one to rest, then. i was never 100% sure to be honest, but this just about sums it up.

of course, you could all be in on it together, and he really doesn't know about UKR.

i guess we'll never know, unless he makes a new song called Spiel Macht Frei, or maybe one day we see a picture of the mighty zorg and old jacquesy arm-in-arm. and it'd need to have the exif data still intact so we know it wasn't 'shopped.

(that bit about exifs i got from idiottoys. i dunno what an exif looks like, but i'd know if it wasn't there)
Blogger Delmorpha said...
I'll swap you this experience for my meeting with Ant and Dec in my local pub at the weekend.. I mean what an epic trade that is... :\

Sometimes it's hard to be a nerd - Richard Jacques could walk by 99% of the people I know without trace, yet this weekend I happen to stumble upon two of the most annoying twats of British TV and my reaction of "Man, that guys forehead really _is_ fucking massive!" receives gasps and frowns all around… where is the fucking justice???
Blogger Andrew said...
He sat directly in front of my girlfriend (in the balcony) when he wasn't playing on stage...

She could have licked his bald patch or kicked the back of his chair, if she wanted to. Happily, we were too star-struck by the fact the man, the legend was sat in front of us to do anything.

We did like seeing what was coming next from his copy of the setlist though :)
Blogger Capt_Jax said...
Tracking chip planted. Subjects movements being monitored. Good work Corporal Nimok.

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