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Oh. No....sorry, Dreamcats is back. It's just that Sega game for the DS. They had us going there for a minute. At least they've managed to release it before Nintendo got round to doing Nintencats. We couldn't care less about the game as it's bound to be rubbish but they have some sort of cute/funny cat competition on the website. Round 1 was bizarrely won by a cat with three oranges and two apples on it's back. This probably has some sort of significance or comedy value to Japanese people.

They probably did this to the POW's who built the railways too

So, can someone who understands Japanese please enter the Cat in a Sonic hat picture for us? Thanks.
Blogger cowbrain said...
Blogger John said...
Damn, that picture on their website... it's incredible.
Blogger Tysoe_J said...
Where's Atei part 2?
I need to see more fucking weird Sega hardware
Blogger Wim said...
How would this even work? They're cats. They don't even do anything but stare at you like they own the place.

They also bite and scratch. Which is not the basis of a good game. Unless it's some kind of furry hentai game. In which case, I won't buy Sega's latest attempt at catering to furries.
Blogger Benjamin said...
Dogs just fetch. Cats can fetch AND paw at things dangling around them, hunt and pounce on stuff, and defecate in a litter box. Can't wait for the stylus to bring feces scooping to life. Gameplay so real, you'll feel like you were spending time with and cleaning after your own pet!

Seriously, I do not understand the allure of these sorts of games.
Blogger John said...
I'd enter the Cat in a Sonic hat picture... but you'll need to choose what the "Pen name", "Gender", "Age", "E-mail address", "Title of the picture", and "Comment of the picture" will be.


1st form: "Pen name"
"Gender": Male or Female
"E-mail address"
"E-mail address" (re-type)
"State or Province": There's an option for "Outside Japan"... amazing. Just pick the last option.
"Attach file" (under 512kb)
"Picture title" (under 15 characters)
"Picture comment" (under 150 characters)

These forms might require the use of Japanese characters... so it might not work.
Blogger phorenzik said...
If you did enter the cat in the Sonic hat picture, I'd have to sue you.

That's my only claim to fame. Don't take it away from me.
Blogger phorenzik said...
Also, anyone can clearly see that they aren't oranges on the cat's back. They're definately satsumas.

Or tangerines.
Blogger FuzzyPiggy said...
...and here's Ginger, modeling the latest attire for the discerning cat. Picture taken shortly before we was entered oven!
Blogger Chris said...
I just made up most of the answers.
Blogger phorenzik said...
If there's a prize, then it's only fair that I should have it. If there are cruelty charges, then it's only fair that YOU should have them!

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