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We're okay with you doing this sort of thing, as long as all the profits it makes are reinvested in starting up the hardware division again.

SEGA Brain Assist

It probably adds lots of new things to the memory game genre. 8/10.

Mind Quiz

But when Ubisoft does it, it is WRONG.

Brain Boost Beta Wave

And when Majesco does it, it is also WRONG.

Left Brain Right Brain

Especially when there's more than one.

Brain Buster

And when Agetec does it, it is also WRONG.

Math Play

And when Natsume does it, it is also WRONG.

Brain Brain Brain Learn Brain Test Brain DS

And when 505 Games does it, it is also WRONG.

Get A Brain, Developers

Especially when there's more than one.

Dr Brain's Faggots

Especially when there's more than two.


Especially when there's more than three.
Blogger Nick said...
My favourite one has to be "I did it Mum." Did what exactly? Menstruate?

quzqubt - Soviet era brain training game involving the torture of foreign nationals.
Blogger Starke said...
I hope you've used all those "then"s instead of "than"s in an ironic dig at stupid Americans.
Blogger Mentski said...
Zorg, you do realise that "Mind Quiz" is a Sega game, right, ond only published by Ubisoft in the west?

It's Atama Scan, the prequel to Kokoro Scan? The game with the greatest trailer EVER? The one with the dancing guitar playin bear with nipples for eyes?

Bah. Never mind.
Blogger Alex said...
There's more than four if you count the boy version of I Did It Mum. In fact more than six, because they published Brain Buster and Left Brain Right Brain (as "Left or Right") in Europe.

I used to like 505 Games :(
Blogger Nigel Tufnel said...
jade Raymond update:

Blogger Laeke said...
Jade update is totally downgrade man. Just a comic, was hoping some fake porn Photoshop.

And don't ripe on Agetec, they have a cool sounding name and probably did a worthwhile game some time ago. Or not. Hum. Yeah well they did publish Metal Slug X on PSX. SNK lives!
Blogger John said...
Brain Assist's left-most character AWFULLY resembles Pedobear!
I'm worried
Blogger John said...
or is that right?
I'm a little drunkard
Blogger hahnchen said...
I see Sega are still catering to their core audience of Sonic Furry fans by picturing a bear doing his sex face on the cover.
Blogger friedlizard said...
Jade photoshop porn, you say?

I didn't make it, so please don't send me any nasty letters Ubisoft.
Blogger Anthony Barret said...
"I Did It Mum"

Surprisingly there's not a whole lot you can do with that post Beavis & Butthead. It almost seems wholesome.

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