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Red! Why would it be red? He must be part of a secret SEGA hit squad! Or maybe he's the man who looks after the car parking facilities at the SEGA office? The in-house SEGA fire marshall for when they have to evacuate the building as part of the monthly fire drill test? Or perhaps he's a normal man who wears clothes he found dumped in a skip in 2001?

And he's bald

FROM HIM: "Imagine my jubilation this morning when on a Monday morning trudge to the office, I spotted this bright red angel a little ahead of me. Apologies for the shitty quality etc. You'll see he's brandishing a clipboard – I'll wager there's an army of these angels on a mission to petition. If this isn't evidence of the Dreamcast's imminent return then... - Andromeda."

Here is the AMAZING TRUE STORY behind the red SEGA jacket:
"It's an Arsenal coach jacket. From when that goon at SEGA decided it would be better getting a free box at Highbury than informing the world of the single greatest piece of technology ever - Stefanio Walterelli."

This the the ACTUAL amazing true story behind the red SEGA jacket:
"The jacket is not anything to do with Arsenal but is in fact an official SEGA Rally (as in the new one) jacket that was sold to SEGA staff only and given away as comp prizes some place. I work at SEGA and was on the QA team for Rally, but decided that I wasn't middle-aged enough to buy such a comfy, practical yet ugly piece of marketing apparel. Several did, however, and the office is somewhat littered with these things. If you're interested I may be able to get hold of one for you? - Will."
Blogger Simon said...|st%20john's%20square%20london

He was here. What do I win? is this like Pokemon?
Blogger Jason L said...
Would...wear the jacket.

lzwdphey - His elven name.
Blogger monoculture said...
One of these guys was in my living room the other day, replacing my 360 with a Master System.. He scuttled off like a fox when I switched on the lights.
Blogger Dylan said...
Blogger Nikomus said...
Isn't ccc one of those codes for a sort of yellow colour? Like hex, but different?

frjixvx - Sony's venture into the fridge-freezer market. It also cooks the food when it sets itself on fire.
Blogger Simon said...
Can I venture a very dull, borderline thread killing explanation for the colour red?

The new Football Manager box is red and the jacket is sorta football coach style. A promotional item of a few weeks in age rather than some relic of a bygone era.. sorry I mean a retro classic.
Blogger Ric said...
Maybe it is an Arsenal coat from back when SEGA sponsored them. They play in red.

Arsenal are a football team - one of their nicknames is "The Arse", HAR HAR.
Blogger Mark said...
thats weird - i saw someone with that SAME jacket in birmingham on sunday but assumed it was too rubbish to take a photo of for UK:R
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
Nothing is too rubbish for UKR.
Blogger SMEGHaMMeR said...
Catalyst Control Centre innit :P

ggnky - what people on the internets looks like.
Blogger Cunzy11 said...
What happenend to the RAMRAIDER link?
Blogger phorenzik said...
You may as well remove the SFC link too. That's dead and buried.
Blogger Anthony Barret said...
It's good to see real journalism still exists.

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