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Xbox 360 outsold PlayStation3 in Japan last week. This heaps shame on the families and friends of all associated with Sony, a deep shame that will infect their children and their children's children for 1000 years.

It is a good time to be selling suicide paraphernalia in the vicinity of Sony's Japanese HQ.

DS: 78,597
PSP: 59,714
Wii: 37,617
360: 17,673
PS3: 17,434
PS2: 10,209

Then it hit me... GIVE UP

New hardware variation required, Sony! Keep them coming and soon you might hit on one people actually want.
Blogger ecaps said...
Hehe. So the XBOX360 sold 14.000 more than last week and Sony about 1000 less ...
I heard a rumour that every Sony employee will get a free Seppuku-Kit for christmas.
Blogger GG said...
Go! Go, PS2! Rise up, and destroy your child who abandoned backward compatibility with you.
Blogger Simon said...
Its only because Ace Combat came out on 360. it'll be back the other way round next week.
Blogger Dawginson said...
Their next model should be a PS3 case sealed around an XB360. People might actually buy that, and the console might end up a bit smaller too.
Blogger ken said...
I bet you PS3 sales will increase by 163,000 units over the xmas period...the reason? The power of the on for a potential scenario.

Internal Memo to all Sony staff:

From Kaz Hirai,

Dear all worthless sony employees,

If you want to get any sort of xmas bonus this year then please go out there and each of you buy a PS3 before xmas.

Kaz out
Blogger Carriageman said...

sales reach 100,000 in one week, my arse

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