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Version 2.0 of Sony's PS3 firmware lets you CHANGE THE COLOUR of the media blade! You can also have UNLIMITED music playlists now! You may also TURN ON YOUR PS3 while not even in the house by using your PSP! These are the innovative features gamers have been crying out for!

Sony is back, back, BACK!

Firmware .00000001 more like

As ever, it's a comedy riot over at official European PS3 hate focal point Three Speech. Reactions to the world's most disappointing update have been a bit, shall we say, muted.

Say what you see

The winner was found as early as post three. Please email us to claim your free t-shirt, "Trond". Brilliant work. Precise, yet emotional.
Blogger Slim said...
I like the way threespeech demonstrated the amazing new ability of being able to set wallpapers with five screenshots. Fucking five! Like we didn't get it after the first one!
I love my RSS reader right now. In the xbox 360 and wii folders are a couple dozen or so articles on upcoming games. In the PS3 folder is about a dozen articles about new wallpapers. Hmmmm.
Blogger Blueemu said...
Wait so the PSP is really just a £130 Playstation 3 on switch?

Stangely that makes the psp slightly more usefull than a perforated condom which I guess is as good as it will ever get for the format
Blogger botdad said...
Wait... you tell me that that you can't chat in-game with ps3?? Man that's weak
Blogger Mentski said...
130 quid for a PSP?

Sod that, I got one for a quid. And then modded it, and laughed, and laughed, and laughed.
Blogger Slaaaaabs said...
How about a UK:R contest to make the best UK:R theme for the PS3?
Blogger John said...
Not quie as phenomenal as when system software 2.0 came out for the PSP...
I.e. it allowed us all to get back to 1.5 and copy games again.
Blogger Mark said...
Consoles suck now. Sony are pretending that something Windows 3.1 could do is an innovation worthy of the next-gen. Xbox 360s burn themselves to death. There are hardly any good games for Wii.

On the plus side, I've just got a new PC and there's some really good stuff out now and coming soon.
Blogger Alex said...
I just noticed you used the phrase "media blade" without surrounding the word "blade" in quote marks or putting it in ironic caps/italics or something. That's the sort of ridiculous attempt to make a fairly mundane bit of functionality sound cool that Sony probably paid a marketing agency £100,000 for.

(fake edit: actually i now realise that Microsoft came up with the term "blade", Sony don't use it. which makes a bit more sense, it definitely sounds like something the yanks would come up with. and i suppose if i was going to get all conspiratorial i'd say that was why you didn't slag it off)

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