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American hardware sales figures are in for March, and as the NPD isn't run by Nazis we're allowed to say what they are on the internet:
  • DS: 508k
  • PS2: 280k
  • Wii: 259k
  • X360: 199k
  • PSP: 180k
  • GBA: 148k
  • PS3: 130k

  • Just the usual CATACLYSMIC SALES DISASTER for PS3 then. Guess those, er, shortages are still hitting sales, what with there only being a spare three million on shelves worldwide.

    At least the massive UK sales will make up for it.


    Blogger Jawatron said...
    trust the americans to enter the war at the last minute and completely dominate it with a crushing victory.

    and the nazis.
    Blogger hcenvirons said...
    I'll have you know that we've been doing our part for quite some time.

    After the initial assault where we were caught by surprise and went a bit bonkers(somewhat like another Pearl Harbor), we pulled together and gave it our all.

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    Blogger floppylobster said...
    Why all your haterz on the US be down on the PS Triple? That shit is a bomb.
    Blogger Etienne said...
    "Why all your haterz on the US be down on the PS Triple? That shit is a bomb."

    I think you meant "it's bombing", right ?
    Blogger Olly said...
    Ah, NPD day. 'Tis like Christmas, but every month. I like to pretend that it's 2002 and the PS3 numbers are PS2 numbers and the Wii sales are Dreamcast.
    Blogger Lodin said...
    Even the fuckng GBA sold more! AHAHAHAH! Ah, good times.
    Blogger Josh said...
    Wow, have you seen the latest Sony lies? Here's their "spin" (i.e. untruths so blatant that even their fans are calling them out on it) about PS3 sales in March.

    Note especially the bit where their low sales are due to supply constraints.

    Word verification: dafhutwc - the sound Sony employees made when they heard the sales.
    Blogger CHASER said...
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    Blogger ThwartedEfforts said...
    Blogger Courtster said...
    Lets see the Nintendo spin on the numbers:

    8 year old console sells over 100% more than new one
    Blogger slim1945 said...
    "8 year old console sells over 100% more than new one"

    Here's a little pic to celebrate

    Here's were they might sell some PS3s

    And here's another failed attempt at ebay hawking.
    Blogger Potter said...
    The disturbing thing is that the PS3 isn't photoshopped in. So some fat dude actualy got naked near one, he needs to go to the clinic to get a test now.

    dfjher - The name fat guy gives his penis
    Blogger Sebastian said...

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