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Poor old mrk2golf1.8t.

He's already sold 32 at a loss:

If anyone knows his identity, please pop in to see if he's OK.


Blogger Russ said...
With prices going that low I'd be surprised if he wasn't just relisting the same item over and over and over.
Blogger Michael said...
Ooh back to the red. Nice
Blogger Saphion said...
I have to say seeing the red again burst a tiny blood vessel somewhere at the back of my head.

Blogger Adam said...
Those are listings that haven't closed yet. Look at the closed listings ( ) and see that he's losing a little but not a ridiculous amount.
Blogger Bird Mode said...
Makes me wonder if anyone selling a PS3 on ebay has actually done the sensible thing and bought their stock on ebay in the first place, for considerably less than the high street price.

Imagine all the PS3's on ebay changing hands in some sort of perpetual resale scheme.
Perhaps each being sold several times is how Sony reached 165,000 :o)
Blogger Dezm0nd said...
This is definitely the work of some spastic warehouse worker for Sony creating some space for their Wii parties this summer!!!
Blogger slim1945 said...
According to the feedback he's sold at least 33 PS3DO's at an average of £347 each, with many of them bundled with xmen blu-ray film.

I don't know what cut ebay takes off that but it looks like time to stick the hose on the exhaust pipe.

gvydboil = Welsh for syphilitic sores
Blogger James said...
Maybe he's nicking them out of the back of Argos?
Blogger MrLonghair said...
It looks the same on the Swedish market (eBay/Tradera), several going for up to 2000 SEK under retail, retail being 6500 SEK.

At this rate, it'll be worth getting a PS3 in November, maybe December, I need a new door-stop.
Blogger amagni said...
The PS3 is like a modern-day version of the bottle imp which promises riches and delights, but will drag the possessor down to hell unless he sells it at a loss, until we have hordes of the damned flogging PS3s for one penny to drunken sailors.
Blogger Nigel Tufnel said...
Hahah, what a wanker.

Serves him right though.


The local man who cannot be named for legal reasons was found dead in his home by a worried neighbour on Tuesday morning. A Coroner's report details the man apparently hung himself with a 2M HDMI cable.

A suicide note was found on his kitchen table:
"Ken, it's all your fault"

Penny, the neighbour who discovered the body:
"Yeah, I saw loads of milk left on his doorstep and he wasn't answering his phone or door, so I used the key he gave me to look inside. I was shocked to see at least 2 dozen PS3 boxes everywhere, he was using them as funiture! It was horrific, he was used a 3rd party HDMI lead for the task, which has now expired his warranty"

The funeral is planned for Friday the 20th April 10am at St. Johns.

Fucking hell. I need a girlfriend, or a 360...
Blogger slim1945 said...
This leaked email might explain things.
Blogger Moz said...
@Slim1945: LOL

I dout this guys loosing anything, prolly has his own business and bought 100 units, for under £300 a unit
Blogger Jawa said...
its a tax dodge anyway.

like that whole Dianna death thing.
Blogger Endemion said...

Under £300?
Zoinks! Where do you buy your consoles from? Please tell!

zilsh - Ammount of money Sony make.

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