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The Sonic/PS3 update triggered an impromptu Photoshop competition, as readers clamoured to explain what Sonic was doing consorting with the weak, enemy machine.

Which means five people made some pictures.

And they were quite good. So here they are, in what we're calling our easiest update of the year so far:

This one could've been the winner, had this been an official competition. Sadly, it was not an official competition therefore there is NO BUDGET for prizes.

This one wouldn't have won anything, as it says "jus" which isn't a proper word. We're Nazis about spelling and stuff.

This one would've been second or third, and maybe won a prize, had this been an official competition.

This one's OK. We would've uploaded it to make it look like we got lots of entries, even though it's a bit basic.

This one should've definitely been a winner, possibly even THE ULTIMATE winner. It's very good. Brilliant, in fact. If only this was an official competition with a budget for prizes.


Blogger phorenzik said...
Bumming hell! I very nearly did a pic and sent it in too. Do I also not win a prize for not bothering at all?
Blogger shadman said...
Yay! I didn't win too!

The picture I didn't make had Cream in it, naked, so I'd have definitely been the non-winner.
Blogger Endemion said...

Anyone want to have a bet on the lowest PS3 price by the end of April?
Blogger Jawa said...
not enough cream porn
Blogger ThwartedEfforts said...
Knocking twenty quid off a £400 games console is more stroking the price than slashing it, wouldn't you say? In order for the PS3 to be properly 'slashed', Sony would have to drop it past £299, chuck in that HDMI cable, and offer a free five night stay at the Chateau De La Buronniere before anyone with more than two marbles actually buys one of the fucking things.
Blogger redneon said...
"This one wouldn't have won anything, as is says "jus" which isn't a proper word. We're Nazis about spelling and stuff."

Ah, irony =o)
Blogger natxcross said...
'Slashed' by 35 quid? That's chump change, sucka!
Blogger Richard said...
There's still £35 more than any other console ever after its first month. And it's referred to as slashing because it's happened so quickly, and because different stores are competing to mark it down because DEMAND IS SO FUCKING LOW.

Sony has lost the war, the wall has fallen.
Blogger Sina said...
i've got no clue where the hell to send this in to.. so maybe someone else can send it to the right place.. PS3 Aussie Failure
Blogger bilal said...
never mind this shit, that spazzy gamelife guy got arrested:

little crazy mofo!

just the kinda publicity gamelife needs!

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