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HMV and GAME on London's Oxford Street have both CANCELLED their midnight openings for PS3 launch day. Instead, GAME is offering free bacon sandwiches on the following Friday morning, while HMV has resorted to giving away 150 copies of Virtua Tennis 3.

Funny - usually console launches don't require blatant bribery to get people to turn up and buy new consoles. Usually, there's some sort of mad rush and excitement, not miserable staff in polo shirts handing out BACON SANDWICHES to tempt people in so they don't get sacked.

A nice photo of a bacon sandwich

Or go to Sainsburys, buy some bread and and some bacon and save yourself about 422 quid.


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    Blogger Olly said...
    All this, and Namco and Capcom can't be bothered to make PS3 exclusives anymore.
    Blogger shonky said...
    I see cheese but no ketchup :(

    Oh... and Sony BOOO, Sega YAY. Nearly forgot where i was for a second.
    Blogger ThwartedEfforts said...
    Looks like Phil Harrison having been hit by a lift
    Blogger lenny said...

    And has anyone accessed the PS3 bc list yet? I want to see how disastrously pathetic it is:
    Blogger Mark said...
    I'm vegetarian. What are they going to tempt me with? Ready Brek?
    Blogger Pipemould said...
    Vegetarians farts smell real bad btw.

    I might go down to GAYME on Friday and get me some free breakfast, then walk out with a copy of Dead Rising and Lost Planet while muttering something about Capcom exclusives.

    I will ask any of the customers there if they would like to watch me play while they eat their bacon buttys.
    Blogger Bernat said...
    this is getting pathetic xD
    Blogger Bernat said...
    well... more than it was hahahahaha
    Blogger Fanny Peacehands said...

    I'd turn up if there was free bacon roll. Thgat's like what happens when I go and visit my gran!

    Are these Bacon rolls dependant on you buying a PS3?

    My gran never expects me to spend £425 for her bacon rolls... so I guess the compariosn ends there.


    I was at the pub with a friend this evning and wihtout a not of irony he suggested that buying a PS3 at that price was the future of gaming *and* entertainment! So thir advertising and relentless bollocks has reached some people.

    Despite the fact that he recenlty bought some form of top of the range mac book thingimajig, we tried to convince him to but a Wii or at least an Xbox360. He seemed unshaken.

    He did reckon a WIi with a projector screen TV would be 'the shit' though.

    This leads me to believe that certain cretins are only going to be happy not buying a PS3, unless they can spend an equivalent amount on other shit. PROJECTION SCREEN!

    Blogger Fanny Peacehands said...
    Excuse the spelling errors.

    I've just got in from my local drinking establhishment. Where I drank some beer.


    Does anyone else have stories of cluelss chums who reckon PS3 is the future and that the price pretty much guarantees it's awesome?

    WHY! I almost said 'Don't you read UK:Resistance?'.

    Instead I said 'Don't be a cunt!'.

    I like to think I'm doing my bit for the cause.
    Blogger Moz said...
    Didn't realise GAME still did midnight launchs anyway, I had to wait til the morning with both the 360 and the Wii!

    Which is why I've gone else where for a PS3


    Please don't hurt me ;o) Just want to see all the systems for myself
    Blogger JP said...
    I'm going to my local HMV at midnight to buy a Wii.

    Verification word - zrdyt - A cleaning paste for pennies and other coins.
    A few days ago I saw an ebay auction by a guy who was selling several PS3's - none of which had a current bid anywhere near the £425 mark. "Email me for a buy-it-now price" he said. So, for a laugh, I did.

    The next day I got the reply. How much was he willing to part with one of his small collection of PS3's for? What possible bargain price would he attempt to sucker me in with?

    "£500 - delivered", came the reply.

    Now don't get me wrong, I was never intending to buy one of these monstrosities in the first place, but as we all know we can just walk into a shop and buy one on Friday that means he's going to be using a delivery method that costs £75.

    Any ideas as to what delivery method this could be? Wishful thinking would lead me to believe that it could show up on Friday at midnight, being carried inside Linsay Lohan's uterus and I'd have to go looking for it. Still wouldn't be worth it though cuz I'd be stuck with a piece-of-shit PS3 once I'd finished.
    Blogger tentonipete said...
    i can't believe sega are "teaming up" with hmv and SONY to give away the virtua tennis games. TRAITORS!
    Blogger Friday said...
    I'm vegetarian, so I'm immune to to their Jedi mind tricks. Well, except that bit about them having pastries, I'm not so immune to those.

    Maybe for fun we can suggest that their attempts at trying to tempt bacon lovers is demonstrable proof of an anti-semitic agenda (rather apropos to UKR's Europe at War theme) - one being driven by Sony's (and therefore Axis powered) PS3.

    "Vegetarians farts smell real bad btw."

    This is very true. In fact, I just positively affirmed that while writing the previous sentance.

    Oh, and then again just now.
    Blogger dante76 said...
    And now Devil May Cry 4 just jumped ship..that leaves MGS4 as the only reason left.
    Blogger Guru Larry said...
    Lol, I'll queue up at GAME for one, then I'll claim that i'm a Jewish Muslim and their offer has offended me and demand to get the PS3 for Free or i'll go to the press/BBC Watchdog. ^_^
    Blogger jawa said...
    isnt a midnight launch a bit racist?
    Blogger smurf505uk said...
    Dunno about racist but its definitely ageist!
    Blogger c4r105 said...
    I think you'll all find the reason they've cancelled these grand events is because the crowds were going to be so big the police would have been unable to control the desperate masses.
    Blogger c4r105 said...
    "However, following consultation with the Metopolitan Police - and, given the high value of the PS3 consoles - GAME "has put its customers' safety first" and made the decision to open the store at 7am on Friday (March 23rd). As the GAME statement points out, this will guarantee that gamers have access to public transport and can safely take their consoles home in daylight."

    Remember, they only come out in the dark - mostly.

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