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Look, we're not 'all over' Xbox 360 or anything, it's just that Microsoft is doing such a solid, unremarkable job of it all that there's nothing to hate.

Unless you work for GAME in the pikey shopping hell of the Bluewater Centre, that is, where they're assuming people 'know about' and 'care about' HD movie formats:

PS3 in Bluewater lie shame

Well done, idiots. You've made the one console people might actually be able to afford and want to buy sound a bit rubbish. So you won't sell anything at all now. When did shops start being biased about the things they sell?

  • They still have lots left no one wants
  • The war's getting dirty out there

  • Supermarket apple war

    Here's a photo we just took in Tesco, where the 'Apple War' is in full flight. It looks rubbish because our phone camera isn't very good at perspective.


    Blogger k said...
    Does someone want to challenge the staff over the "Backwards compatible with all PS1 and PS2 games", since that doesn't apply here in the UK?

    Make this a real war with a claim for false advertising.
    "Fully backwards compatible with all PS1 and PS2 games"
    Blogger Nick Richards said...
    Also, the 360 has had 1080p support since last November, if we're quibbling.
    Blogger Jason L said...
    They put that shit sign directly over Xbox 360 stock. The fuck?

    Game, you shit, you sell both. Why try to fuck over the one with more peripherals and games that you can sell along with the console? Why try to fuck over anything you sell?

    Blogger Ian said...
    Wow, thats just wrong.

    Oh and they are wrong on the backwards compatble thing for both consoles...
    Blogger RichardAM said...
    I can't believe they're still sticking to that "This is living" message moniker.

    It's so cheesy it's embarrassing.
    Blogger Nicholas said...
    You'd have to be a fucking ponce to buy a PS3 because of it's "internet browser to surf web". So I think this advert is succesful given the demographic.
    Blogger Robert said...

    Somebody is a real PS3fanboy there:-)

    BC: LIE!

    do you guys think MS would sue them over this?
    Blogger Jonno394 said...
    what a bunch of marmite miners. This obviously is their last attempt at trying to get people to preorder consoles.

    I was buying some PS2 games yesterday from GAME in Birmingham, and the dude behind the counter asked me what I thought of the PS3.

    Now, I'm not the sort of person who likes having conversations in game stores. I hate seeing little teens standing at the counters talking about how they can do 40 hit combo's in real life and other bollocks like that.

    Anyway, I grumble cuz I really don't wanna conversation and tell him i'm not sure I want one. He then proceeds to pull out the reservation file and tell me that I can preorder one form £50, and when the day comes I can cancel it if I want to.

    He then proceeds to ask me my details. I laugh at him, tell him to get my games and put away his forms.

    He looks crushed.

    I can only think PS3 pre-orders must be pretty dire.
    Blogger Dawginson said...
    Gah. I posted about that poster as a comment a few updates back. That'll teach me not to carry around my camera taking photos of PS3 stuff in public and rushing home to email it to an online gaming blog.
    Blogger jawa said...
    Game has always been the home of smelly piss stained cunts. Who like pink.
    Blogger Liam said...

    I received this lovely e-mail from Play:
    Blogger convercide said...
    A mate of mine works for GAME and he recently told me his staff discount has been lessened as they 'aren't doing as well as they did in 2005.' Maybe it is something to do with the fact they shaft you for prices? I used to work there too and what they do is put returned games back on the shelf. If a member of staff didn't give a rats ass they'd return a game from a chavved up loser who'd only had 50 Cent's wankstain of an effort of a game for 3 days before realising how shag it really was and somehow scratched it to buggery, perhaps by some weird sex ritual where their small scally genitalia are thrust through the centre of the DVD and then its humped against sandpaper or something, then the game would be put back in the cabinet behind the counter for resale. Very few games actually were returned as faulty.

    I hate Sony more and more. I've not had one decent hardware product from them. MiniDisc player - broken. Hi-Fi - broken. Hell, I was on my second PS2 before my XBox 360. They just don't get it. It's like the marketing division realised their strongest brand was 'some computer game thingy' and tacked loads of pointless additions to it to justify the their £6000+ HD TV sets that will probably break just out of warranty like the rest of their shoddy goods.
    Blogger capt_jax said...
    How about a call to Kent Trading Standards tomorrow morning?
    Blogger Olly said...
    They forgot to point out that you need to buy a component or HDMI cable to even get the PS3 in high def, which automatically puts it over £425. Not to mention the 1080p and BC errors there.

    Nor do they mention how you can get a 360 with an extra wireless controller, Gears of War, PGR3, and XBLA Unplugged for £329, and then use the £96 you'd save on buying a PS3 with no games to buy the superior versions of games like COD3 and F.E.A.R.
    Blogger PastyAvenger said...
    GAME are fucking arseholes. Literally.
    Blogger PastyAvenger said...
    GAME are fucking arseholes. Literally.
    Blogger c4r105 said...
    Quite what GAME are thnking is beyond me. I'm sure MS will not be very happy to see this type of negative and somewhat false ad. It seems some desperate measures are being taken.
    Blogger JoeMDesign said...
    To be fair, it's the way GAME always works. I was in Braehead over Christmas and overheard some staff trying to get people to buy the Xbox 360 with Gears Of War by putting DOWN the PS3.

    They only care about the NEXT current thing... They're scum. They'll screw anyone over if they think it'll get them a sale.

    But to lie so blatantly in written form makes me... sick!

    Support your local independant retailer (or Argos who only sell factory sealed games).

    And no-one pointed out yet that the 360 pads should be listed as "1 Wireless RUMBLING controller".

    Sony can smell my finger...
    Blogger Wrestlevania said...
    Liam wrote:
    I received this lovely e-mail from Play:

    I like the extra-desperate "Forward to a friend!" button at the bottom. They forgot to say "Please??!" though...
    Blogger RoboSel said...
    Why didn't they do this comparison when the PS2 came out!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????

    Dreamcast with built in online capabilities - £99.99

    PS2 without built in online capabilities and wank launch games - £299.99
    Blogger Bazajt said...
    Someone should take that sign and smack the GAME manager around with the face with it until they realise the error of their ways.
    Blogger Mason said...
    This is idiocy at its finest.
    Blogger David T said...
    That's absolutely fucking disgusting. Somebody should inform Microsoft. I can't believe a major retail outlet would be so insultingly biased - especially seeing as it's wrong, with the BC issues and 1080p...
    Blogger JonnyCorporate said...
    It doesn't even make sense. If you didn't know much about either console and you read

    "- £280
    - Wireless network adapter
    - HD DVD Drive
    - £484"

    You be pretty confused. What price is it then? It's not like you normally use bullet points to list things a console doesn't have in the same list that you're using bullet points to list things it does have!!
    Blogger kabbes said...
    Amusingly, all the Google ads are now about pre-ordering and buying a PS3.
    Blogger pete_b said...
    i wrote an email to kent trading standards haha, saying it was "misleading" and could they contact the store and ask them to remove it or ammend it... wonder will anything be done about it? :D
    Blogger redeyes666 said...
    lmao what a comical piece of advertising

    as people say they must be desperate as hell to do that shit

    fully backwards compatible my ass ,shitty cables in the box ,and a pricetag to make even chris moylse's belly quivver!
    Blogger dan gray said...
    Blogger pete_b said...

    haha brilliant! POWER TO THE PEOPLE! and all that. UK:Resistance gives Sony another crushing blow!
    Blogger Adam said...
    It's a bit moronic to say the least, some sales assistant trying to be clever, yet the internet will break him! In order:

    Yes, the PS3 controller has wireless and motion sensing, but it doesn't have rumble, why not add that to the 360's controller?

    Yep, the 360 has a component & composite lead, the PS3 (TRUE HD NOW ONLY ON PSFREE) only has composite.

    The 360 also has Bluetooth, it's just compatible with the controllers and headset.

    It has a 30 day Live GOLD trial, not Live trial. Which is a service vastly superior to the PS3s (the one you pay for) with voice communication as standard.


    360 also has 1080p.

    It isn't compatible with all PS2 games, LIES.

    There is also free access to Xbox Live.

    Who cares about a web browser? I have one on my phone, my Dreamcast and Wii, I don't fucking use it.

    It connects to the PSP, so? My penis connects to my 360 if I shoved it in the USB flap.

    You aren't forced to buy the wireless adapter (which is better than the wireless in the PS3), nor are you forced to buy a HD format that has a good chance of bombing. So really, the cost is £280 (plus whatever free games are being given with it this week), plus extras if you want them.
    Blogger loveboat said...
    Slightly off topic but have you seen this?

    "...police have had meetings with Sony and Virgin about how to handle the expected crowds..."
    Blogger dw2k6 said...
    kotaku just stole this update, and its gotten more commments that this the original. Thats a crime as well.
    Blogger Liam said...
    loveboat that isn't the best quote.

    "In fairness, the store is meeting us half-way," he said. "There won't be any crowds on the street."

    I think that would be down to Sony, not the store! arf.

    Word verification = ikhylrn
    Make a good generator for names of characters in fantasy novels/games this would.
    Blogger Bob said...
    haha look at you raving fanboys, why don't you get a life instead of whine, bitch and moan about a freaking toy!
    Blogger primaleyes said...
    @ Bob

    Some people like to get down and dirty with current affairs. Others like to be oblivious to it all and wallow in ignorance.

    Games machines are as much a toy as a football or a tennis racket. They all enable a person to have fun.

    Back to the subject.

    Game are total morons. The 360 makes them money, but they're treating it like crap. Sony must be paying them a ridiculous amount of money.
    Blogger capt_jax said...
    "Videogame web blogger killed by sacked shop assistant" ;)
    Blogger David said...
    Blogger GAME said...
    Do you all think this poster was written yesterday? Sony have only JUST announced the BC situation.

    Microsoft kept the 1080i/p very quiet!!

    Why does no one mention the fact that 40% of all 360's suffer a 'red light' error within 1 week!!

    Stop winging about a little poster that was designed to help show that PS3 is not 'expensive' it just costs a lot!

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