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The brave people of France are ordering the out-of-stock Nintendo Wii ahead of the definitely-in-stock-even-if-you-want-two-fucking-thousand PlayStation3.

Our French friends would rather wait "1-4 months" for a Wii than have a PS3. Finally, we have found the common ground that will bring our two historic nations together!

We shall celebrate by having a wank over 'Betty Blue' tonight.

FRANCE - A nation of brave warriors!

SAYS OUR SPY: "Just thought you'd like to know that pre-orders for the currently out of stock Wii at Amazon France (with an estimated delivery date of between 1 to 2 months) are currently higher than those of launch day PS3s. At the time of writing Wii is at 2 in the Amazon gaming chart with PS3 at 8."

PS3 - C'est merde ala toast

A united Europe WILL NEVER FALL.

And Animal Crossing is still up there! Viva la France!


Blogger jawa said...
yeah but... if france is at war with sony then the war is definately lost for europe. bloody frogs.
Blogger Pipemould said...
Sacre Bleu! Wii Wii!
Blogger shonky said...
In a remarkable show of solidarity "English Training (Stress Free)" for DS is also above the PS3.

These are brave times.
Blogger RoboSel said...
C'mon Zorg, we all wanna know what's going down in Germany!
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
I'd imagine the Sony Germany underground bunker is sealed, the executives locked in and resigned to their miserable fate.

They can only sporadically communicate with the outside world, and when a message does get through from an internet forum or blog, the news is worse than before.

Kutaragi has lost the Eastern Front, Harrison is being outflanked all across Europe, and in America the Allied forces of Fils-Aime and Moore are out-thinking and out-fighting the inadequate and disillusioned Sony machine.

There are no reinforcements left to call in.

In ten days time they will be left with no option but to end it all to avoid capture, as advancing forces breach their final weak defences.

I believe Jurgen Huff, Sony Deutschland Deputy CEO, has already poisoned both himself and his wife Claudia.

This is the worst, least-arousing fan fiction I've ever done. I haven't even got a semi :(
Blogger shonky said...
Not even a semi? Try rubbing a small amount of toothpaste on it while reading/writing.

I find that usually adds stimulation to an otherwise boring post.
Blogger RoboSel said...
It wasn't so bad, I liked the sentence about in 10 days time.

I'd also like to add that I hope we do win the war in 10 days time, as I don't want to learn and be forced to speak only in Japanese.
Blogger Brystar said...
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Blogger Brystar said...
Germany have always been good for starting wars with anyone that ticks them off (Going back as far as the Prussian days, if I remember rightly.) and something tells me they're being a lot more steadfast than the French are if you look here.

The wii according to those stats is at #8 in the sales ranks while the PS3 is at #513!

So... that makes quite a few pieces of trite selling more than the PS3 in Germany. And by Trite I mean donkey porn games or David Hasslehoff albums. Bratwurst, anyone?
Blogger wtownx said...
vaseline is best for wanking.
Blogger accelaexp said...
UK sucks.
first: everyone knows that UK has more PS3s preordered than anywhere in the world.
second: you're not even in europe but on a fucking island !
third: you don't use €uro.
four: you have Tony Blair.

so don't steal our war you fucktards.

I, as the grand Général of Anti-PS3 Force of France, give you a chance to join our ranks:
it's been said your fleet was not bad. i only believe what i see, so you better warm up your fucking boats and get them to paris to sink the "event" sony france has planned for the ps3 launch.
read more details of the said event.

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