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PlayStation3 is dead in America. Actually dead. Already. It's over. It's over. This is FACT. Our hands are shaking as we type these amazing, DISASTROUS American PS3 sales figures. It's over.
  • DS: 485,000
  • Wii: 335,000
  • PS2: 295,000
  • 360: 228,000
  • PSP: 176,000
  • GBA!: 136,000
  • PS3: 127,000

  • It doesn't matter what happens in Europe now. The global financial powerhouse has REJECTED PlayStation3 and the tide has already turned. There is no way back, not even a cumbersome 3D avatar system from a 1998 PC game and a game about teddy bears can save PS3 now. IT IS OVER!

    Tonight we shall enjoy the wank of the victorious.


    Blogger Olly said...
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    Blogger Olly said...
    Is that...the sound of angels singing?
    Blogger Luvbeers said...
    PS3 doesn't even have a top ten game. What I can't understand is why people are still buying PS2's? Did they just allow japanese imports in Russia or something?
    Blogger arancarlisle said...
    Little patriotic tears are running down my cheek right now.
    Blogger Bas said...
    Today I had a customer coming in.
    "Did you hear about the Wii?" He said.
    "No, what about it?"
    "It's being outsold by the PS3."
    "Uh huh."
    "Yeah, I read it in the official PS3 magazine!"

    I asked him what he was planning on playing on his PS3 when it launches. "Er, I don't know yet," was the answer. Wow.

    He doesn't have Internet. Heh.
    Blogger Tomas said...
    I am furious

    ly banging one out
    Blogger SMEGHaMMeR said...
    I'm gonna set up a megadrive, slap Street Fighter 2 in, get Chun Li to do a spinning bird kick, just at the right point where she's upside down and u can see her arse...i'm gonna pause it....then knock one out.

    Oops did i just say that out loud.
    Blogger Saphion said...

    Hail be to Nintendo and/or Microsoft, for Not Being Shit.
    Blogger Saphion said...
    Zorg! SEGA is helping the ENEMY!

    Guh?! Whu?! What's happening?! IT ISN'T SUPPOSED TO GO LIKE THIS!

    There's gotta be a rational explanation for this... right...?
    Blogger lancelot said...
    Sony, Ill spit on your grave! and ill start accumulating mucus from now. khhhhhhhouuuuuikkkkkkk...

    3DO, DC you can rest in peace now.

    WII DS 360 FTW!

    Anti-Sony Resistance Middle East Section.
    Blogger Mark Gillespie said...
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    Blogger Joey Deacon said...
    what a sad bunch of losers you really all are, get a life, it's just a games console.

    360 sales were also down on predictions (more than the 360 infact).

    As for dead, I am sure 2,000,000 existing PS3 owners will disagree with you...
    Blogger dw2k6 said...
    oh god, its always a good laugh when a hopeless ps3 fanboy tries to defend his dying console on this site.

    Thats right, the ps3 is just a games console BUT IT COSTS 425 FUCKING POUNDS!
    Blogger Absolution said...
    Lmao, this site is pathetic... you people really need to get out more.
    Blogger Hazard Perfection said...
    well dude, you're reading it!?!?!
    Blogger Saphion said...
    PRESENTER: It's that time again folks!

    Let's play...

    "Who's Missed the Point of...."

    AUDIENCE: "...UK:R!"


    PRESENTER: That's right! Let's see which humour-devoid dickheads have completely failed to find out anything about UK:R before taking it seriously and making moronic posts!

    [Laughter from audience]

    PRESENTER: Joey Deacon and Absolution, come on down!

    [Cheesey quiz show music plays]
    Blogger Pipemould said...
    Absolution said...

    Lmao, this site is pathetic... you people really need to get out more.

    And no doubt you took the time to register to say that.

    Bravo sir, hats off to you. Sony have a warm feeling in their hearts. Or is that heartburn?
    Blogger convercide said...
    "360 sales were also down on predictions (more than the 360 infact)." - Joey Deacon. Am I the only person who can't understand this paradox?

    I was in the Manchester HMV today where they have a PS3 on display. Two untermenschen were playing VF3 on it and I heard one of their mates say 'is this that game, you know, Dead or Alive?' when it clearly said Virtua Fighter 5 in a huge 'fuck me' font on the title screen. I had to fight my way past the crowd to buy GRAW2.
    Blogger Wim said...
    "what a sad bunch of losers you really all are, get a life, it's just a games console.

    Not according to Sony.
    Blogger primaleyes said...
    Just a games console?

    According to Sony it's a machine to worship as a God. It can cure cancer, bring the world together, and basically make things *RIGHT*

    The only thing gamers have to do for this Gods affection is pay the greedy bastard a giant wad of cash.

    This false God shall fall, and when the dust settles the Sony zealots will wake from their brainwashed state, and finally realise why the enlightened hated the beast known as Sony.
    Blogger c4r105 said...
    I think the funnist thing is when these fools get their new PS3 home and try to play their fav PS2 game which doesn't work - oh how I'll laugh!
    Blogger Anthony said...
    Not to burst the bubble or anything, but since the PS3 is so expensive in comparison to other consoles, won't the money gained from the lower sales ballance this out?

    But I also think that the PS3 is crap and expensive, especially with wii and 360 about. Wtf were Sony thinking!
    Blogger Anthony said...
    Not to burst the bubble or anything, but since the PS3 is so expensive in comparison to other consoles, won't the money gained from the lower sales ballance this out?

    But I also think that the PS3 is crap and expensive, especially with wii and 360 about. Wtf were Sony thinking!
    Blogger Dawginson said...
    Not really, Anthony, because Sony (and any other company apart from Nintendo) actually make a loss on the console itself. They make the money on games, so money from selling the consoles isn't what they care about - it's getting as many into people's houses as possible so they can make the money on games later.
    Blogger WiivaLaRevolucion said...
    OK, the Wii I think can now officially be named the slayer of the PS3. Not only did it prove to hold a FUN SONIC GAME in Sonic and the secret rings but HOLY SHIT, NIGHTS 2?!?!?!?!?!?
    Blogger WiivaLaRevolucion said...
    This post has been removed by the author.
    Blogger Nigel Tufnel said...

    Blogger TheTCD said...
    So Joey... Absolution...

    Do you guys keep licking that bad pussy, or do you keep going back to it? I don't see anyone here forcing you to read this...

    Oh wait, that analogy doesn't apply does it, seeing as neither of you have probably left your parents house long enough to know what a girl without staples through her tits, or for that matter, one that isn't in a compressed .jpeg format, looks like.

    You kids need to get a fucking clue. Not only is this *gasp* humour, it also happens to be true, which obviously strikes a nerve with you over zealous toss-pots if you are taking the time to defend Sony's overpriced piece of shit.

    If you are prepared to pay four hundred and twenty fucking five Great British Pound Sterling on a machine that provides gaming experiences that are no better in any way than can be found on a machine that is £125 cheaper (or for that matter one that is almost £300 cheaper,) yet is being touted as being way more powerful and the be-all-and-end-all of gaming - and you actually buy that bullshit - then you deserve to robbed like the glib brand-whore mugs you are.

    Oh wait, it probably isn't your money that would be paying for it...
    Blogger Nicholas said...
    Whoever posted the "Joey Deacon" comment, it's a shame but it seems no one here is quick enough to recall perhaps the most famous handicapped person of the 1980's :(
    Blogger Stefan said...
    Dear UKR

    No one gives a shit about preorders, sales numbers and all that shit. Sony bashing is always good clean fun, but this whole "Europe at War" thing fuckings sucks. Go back to being witty, please.
    Blogger Friday said...
    Dear UKR,

    I - on the contrary - love the "Europe at War" theme.

    I do not "hate" the PS3. I do think it's over priced, suffers from some very poor management decisions and for it to ship at the price it does and have such modest specs in comparison to much cheaper systems ought to be a point of embarrasment for those involved in the design decisions behind it.

    I'm quite happy to see Sony suffer from a rude awakening with it, for a myriad of reasons including belated negative karma that's due as a result of PS2/Dreamcast debacle (yes I'm still bitter about that), the outrageous lies they told then (and again when pimping the PS3), because of how badly they've managed their MMO's and because of how they crippled the PSP homebrew scene (without providing any alternative to it) - which effected me personally when I had to choose between playing new games (which force a firmware upgrade) on my Japanese PSP or not.

    While they've come out publically and admitted mistakes they have made, they've learned precisely nothing from them and allow the wider media entertainment division to bugger up the gaming division. Which is a bit like feeding your golden egg laying goose to your lazy cat because it can't be bothered to go out and catch all the rats running about the house.

    Apologies for that analogy.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

    Microsoft may have the same agenda as Sony when it comes to seeing their console as a way to extend themselves in to the living room, but at least they hired some people who know how to make good hardware, good software, and a reasonable price point and without excessive BS.

    I'm not avoiding the PS3 out of pure spite, if Sony actually came out with a great console, I'd get it.

    If the PS3 all they have this late in the game (and at a silly price point for a system that doesn't even come with two controllers or an cable capeable of HD output and with a shoddy online experience that is so outrageously behind the origional X-Box Live system) they are out of luck.

    My console history is: Intellivison | NES | SNES | MD | GG | GB| DC | GBA | XBox | PSP | 360 | Wii | PSP | PC | MAC

    The PS2 and PS are missing from that you'll note. The PS was a great console for it's time, and I used to play on one we had in the flat through college (interstingly though, we used to play more SNES Bomber Man, International Super Star Soccer and Mario Kart), but the PS2 just wasn't compelling enough (with GTA eventually coming out on PC I was happy to not bother - and the fan boy favorite GT on the PS2 is not a patch on the Japanese import version of Sega GT, for the record. (The UK release of Sega GT was pretty poor though. They broke a great game.)).

    This post was supposed to be much shorter. I'll stop now, before I clog the inter-tubes.
    Blogger J said...
    I hate the PS3 of course [SOny's lies and arrogance, the sheer lack of quality games, the inflated price, being a BD player witht tacked on gaming] but I DONT believe it's dead. I don't think it'll end up 3rd, I dont think wii will end as first.

    We have a long way to go my friends. Let's fight this out.
    Blogger macnet said...
    bye bye Sony!! PS3 was dead much before its release! now Sony will leave the market and SEGA will come back!! let's dream...
    Blogger Absolution said...
    Saphion, I actually spent about 20 minutes on the site looking at past posts before commenting, which pretty much formed my opinion of this site. Allthough, your gameshow script was pretty funny, so I'll give you credit for that.

    Pipemould, you dont need to register idiot - its on blogger so you can use any google account.

    TheTCD, the maturity and nature of your comment pretty much proves that it is in fact you who goes 'crying to mummy' and hasn't left the house. The fact that in your response you instantly jump into attack mode against the PS3 backs it up even further - more to the point, when did I even defend the PS3?

    Don't worry, I didnt come here on purpose - I followed a link from Allthough, after posting that simple comment I thought it would be funny to see what moronic replies I recieved - which, turned out to be hilarious.
    Blogger Starke said...
    Blogger Saphion said...
    PRESENTER: Absolution, that was the WRRRRRROOOONG ANSWER!

    [Klaxon sounds]

    AUDIENCE: Awwwwww!

    PRESENTER: Bad luck! But you don't go away empty handed, not on this show! For not only realising afterwards that you'd made an arse of yourself, but for actually trying to turn it around and make it look like everyone else was in the wrong, you would have gotten TONIGHT'S MYSTERY PRIZE!

    [Siren sounds, lights flash]

    AUDIENCE: Ooooooooooh! Aaaaaaah!

    PRESENTER: However! For not being the least bit believable at all, I'm afraid you're going home with our booby prize!


    [Audience laughs]

    PRESENTER: And here is your prize; a video consisting of a man shitting, super imposed over an image of a PlayStation 3!

    [Presenter turns to audience]

    PRESENTER: I think you'll agree, it's quite appropriate.

    [Presenter winks at audience]

    [Audience bursts into laughter]
    Blogger nodesofyesod said...
    Absolution, my dear, and everybody else who's dropped in recently:

    If you work on the assumption that everyone who regularly posts here is a bona-fide cunt, then you can't go far wrong.
    The usual message-board rhetoric does not apply here. We are all cunts. Sad cunts. Really fucking sad bastards with no life. I know that to post on here you too must have no life or you'd be off living it, but you're not - you're stuck here posting on messageboards being sad with the rest of us.

    Sega is the only way forward - everything else is utterly irrelevant.
    Blogger Richard said...
    How come to post on a website these days you have to have no life? Honestly, I think the internet is pretty common place enough these days that it can be part of any normal persons life... I mean, I eat, sleep, even have sex occassionally with a girl, these things would probably mean I'm reasonably ordinary person, I go here because its funny, what the hell is wrong with that, or if anyone else comes on here because they also find it interesting and funny? But sitting and crying because a few people are having fun making fun of your favourite games console is a bit sad, don't you think?

    I love my Wii, I dislike Sony in general because of their whole position, they seem to hate gamers, and they hate games. We're just another audience to exploit in their eyes, or at least that's how their PR seems to come across, and always has done to me. Nintendo have never been nothing more than honest about what they do, they make fun games and affordable consoles to play fun games on. And I respect that.
    Blogger disinformativ said...
    I also love my wii.
    Blogger disinformativ said...
    wii or wee is another word for penis here in america in case you were wondering what the joke was
    Blogger nodesofyesod said...
    In this country "American" is another word for "penis".
    Blogger Rikki said...
    PC's not a console.

    Mac's not a console.

    What's with the 'Dear UKR'? Aren't you meant to finish with Yours sincerely? Does that make their comment null and void?
    Blogger Madbury said...
    "How come to post on a website these days you have to have no life? ...I eat, sleep, even have sex occassionally with a girl, these things would probably mean I'm reasonably ordinary person, I go here because its funny, what the hell is wrong with that, or if anyone else comes on here because they also find it interesting and funny?"

    No. People with a life like me read UK:R because it's funny. I never post though. Only a completely sad CUNT with absolutely no social skills would post on here.
    Blogger Friday said...
    "Aren't you meant to finish with Yours sincerely?"

    No. Yours faithfully would be more appropriate than Yours sincerely in this context. Tsk.

    I only used "Dear UKR" because I was mimicking the style of the previous poster for added impact.

    Using either 'yours sincerely' or 'yours faithfully' on blog would likely fall under the category of being anally retentive (as would be pointing out PCs and Macs are not consoles, for example).

    "Does that make their comment null and void?"

    No, I don't think it works like Simon Says.

    e.g. "Dear Boss, You are a cunt. PS: I didn't say yours sincerely so you have to ignore this."

    I'll let you know though.
    Blogger TheTCD said...
    Absolution - Moronic is as moronic does. I don't see how my failing to see the big deal about the PS3 constitutes as immaturity in your somewhat twisted way of admitting to trolling/arguing. Immaturity and over-zealous childish fanboyism as displayed by the pro-Sony people are not the same. Perhaps you should learn the distinction before you call me a hypocrite let alone try to throw such baseless assumptions around.

    Wait, by your rationale, your trolling makes you immature too. Whoa, radical concept... you are just a big a loser as everyone else, and a hypocrite to boot. Get over yourself.

    Also I never said that you defended the PS3, because if you actually paid attention, my post was addressing more than one person, so perhaps a case of fevered ego on your part? The part where I was addressing you was the part where I essentially called you a retard for continuing to read, and subsequently post on, a message board where you called the posters losers.

    Jog on fuckwit.
    Blogger nirav said...
    Yo..i love my Wii..n i cussed down the PS3 since before it was bound to be released..n purely becus of the overstated price it was clear to flop..i love the fact that the Wii it conveniently and realisticaly priced and that its toooooo mcuh fun to play..

    That being sed lovin the fact that the PS3 is doin this bad and that places have alredy started to drop it down to £399..if it drops to about £250 in the next 7months or so id prob buy one..use it as a cheap Blu-ray player...if that ever takes off against HD that is..otherwise..prob not

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