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Online retailer Gameplay has resorted to putting screenshots of Gears of War on its PS3 pre-order page to make it look better than it actually is, in the hope that it may make at least one person in the UK make a pre-order.

Amazingly, the blundering Sony sympathiser has even used the box - the box that says GEARS OF WAR on it - to illustrate PS3's upcoming flop war game Resistance.

Resistance: Fall of Sony

Whether this is an evil wartime lie designed to trick people or simple stupidity on its part, the end result will be the same - no pre-orders. Well done on matching Sony's ineptitude, though.


Blogger Aqu4rius said...
why are all your blogs bashing the ps3?

i know plenty of peeps who have pre ordered Ps3's including myself.

if you dont like it/cant afford one, thats fine, why not go of and play your xbox/wii and stop wasting bandwith with this crap.
Blogger Davvyk said...
nothing makes me smile more than a ps3 pre-orderee defending themselves on this site. if you cant stand the truth dont read the blog my dear.
Blogger ing said...
This post has been removed by the author.
Blogger Grill said...
The new page header is awesome. Ken will be dispatching a hit-squad to get you soon if you keep up this wonderful vitriol.
Blogger Saphion said...
I swear, some fuckwit PS3 blog or forum has linked to UK:R and taken it a tad too seriously, hence this sudden barrage of wankstains.

Can anyone else figure it out?

If I have to say the phrase "Missed the Point" one more time I'm going to stab the nearest Sony fanboy ponce IN THE FACE.
Blogger Alex said...
its not a case of defending it, i just dont see the big deal.

what is this 'point' u keep going on about?
Blogger Saphion said...
This post has been removed by the author.
Blogger Saphion said...
Ha. I rest my case.

Y'know, it might be an idea to actually have a good look around the site before saying anything about it.

Though I'm intruiged, how did you stumble across UK:R?
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
The Gaming-Age forum did something about the Kutaragi Photoshops, and the "Sony Defence Force" got a bit annoyed about it.

Hence the confused American Youth.

The "Is it satire?" debate on GAF makes particularly hard reading.
Blogger A said...
What? This site is just satire? How dissapointing.
Blogger ScSiDaN said...
to aqu4rius and alex. you wouldn't understand it. if your brains are so small that you consider or do buy a ps3, then it is clear that logic and common sense escapes you. the only waste of bandwidth is the ps3's online service. and it's not that people here bash the ps3, we hate all sony products equally.
Blogger Bazajt said...
I didn't realise people who pre-ordered PS3 were educated enough to spell. I mean they must be hard of thinking splashing that much cash for a console no one wants.
Nice of them to waste their bandwidth and help UKR's rise up the Google rankings though.
Blogger pooboysam said...
Dear UK:R,

Thanks to your article I had to get out of bed a whole 15 minutes earlier than normal today due to someone at work ringing me to ask me to put the right image on.

Plus I was right in the middle of an awesome dream!

Cheers you bastards!

Sam @ Gameplay
Blogger bilal said...
what did you lot do to ntsc-uk? it's been down a whole week already, and when you go there it just says lol

well it's either you lot or rllmuk, and tbh while typing this i'm thinking it's them cos let's be honest, if you lot had the opportunity to hack a site it wouldn't be ntsc-uk...

Blogger Liam said...
Stop your bloody bickering. Richard Joseph is dead :(

(not Richard Jacques just in case anyone was worried)

I suggest everyone play the themes from GODS, SWOS and Cannon Fodder on repeat for the whole week as a sign of respect.
Blogger jawa said...
It could have been worse. The invaders could have been articulate and witty.
Blogger hollywooda said...
"Stop bashing the PS3!!, Stop bashing the PS3!! or i'll cry!..." that’s what you sound like... now take a minute rethink your life, learn about sense of humor & laugh at the appropriate moments, you wont understand the joke but at least you wont look like the complete cunt you are......thank you.
Blogger tentonipete said...
"It could have been worse. The invaders could have been articulate and witty."

like that girl gaming clan i can't remember the name of.

Blogger Saphion said...
Or that wazzock that did that video review thing.
Blogger jawa said...
Ok so we havent yet had any articulate and witty invaders. But that makes it even more likely we will get some soon. Batten down the hatches!
Blogger primaleyes said...
@ People who don't like the Sony bashing.

" Watching Sony fall over, is not only enjoyable, but also a very spiritual, moving experience "

Gameplay are using a game that has nice screenshots. It's a shame it's a pile of crap to play though.

In a way, it suits the PS3: All gloss and no soul.

Quite ironic really.
Blogger nodesofyesod said...
It would be a funnier irony if you weren't in the minority though, wouldn't it?

Cliffy B may be a self-promoting twat of the highest order, but his clear passion and lofty intent for Gears is something the industry would do well to see more of.
I haven't played RFOM and wouldn't like to compare it until I do, but I firmly believe GOW stands proud as an intense, visceral game experience with fantastic art direction.

Ah well, I guess Sony will win soon enough, and everyone will go back playing games full of soul. Crazy Frog Racer anyone?

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