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Last week GAME started taking pre-orders for PS3. This week, it has already reduced the price of its bundles, from offering two 550 quid "deals" down to a 477 quid bundle with just Resistance: Fall of Man and a cable that costs about 2p a unit from Taiwan.

And it is still taking orders.

GAME's PS3 price-cut shame

This, obviously, is because no one's INSANE ENOUGH to pay 550 Great British Pounds for a rubbish Japanese console. HURRY and place your order!


Blogger Michael Rossell said...
Popped into PC World and asked about the PS3. Apparently, you can only order them online from PC World as they've not got enough consoles to take pre-orders at shops.

They're offering six different packages ranging from £464 to £624. The bundles are terrible, one actually includes Sonic the Hedgehog. God, imagine thos blu-ray loading times on THAT.

Also, one per household. That's good then, I wouldn't want more than one over priced peice of crap in my house. Which is why I don't own a PSP either.
Blogger GeorgeyPeorgey said...
I'm a sales monkey in my spare time for GAME, and it's fair to say our PS3 pre-orders are doing... Well, shit. Some brief numbers:

Our store is really small, so ten days ago we were told we had a target of 50 pre-order deposits (of £50), i.e; the number our regional manager reasonably expects us to attain. We've taken 21 in ten days. In the last three days, we've taken one.

They're going incredibly slowly in other words, and we're the 5th best store in our region for PS3 deposits, out of 31. In other words, the majority of other stores are EVEN FURTHER OFF target than we are.

Price seems to be the sticking-point with the majority of consumers, but yea - frankly, our deposits alone are selling at half the pace we expected.
Blogger Daz said...
Same as Argos ... The store I work in have taken 5 preorders since we started taking them ( about 2 / 3 weeks ago )

We are the 3rd biggest store in the country and the main store in our reigon ... Not looking good im afraid ( and thats at a £425 Pre order ! )
Blogger Dawginson said...
I saw a poster in GAME yesterday titled "To 3 Or Not To 3? GAME Has the answer".

It then had a comaprison between the PS3 and XB360; detailing how the PS3 has a tilt sensing control pad besting the XB360's regular wireless control pad. It also stated that the PS3 has a built in Blu-Ray drive whereas with the 360 you have to fork out extra for an HD drive, and that you have to pay to use XBLive but not to use the PS3s online network.

It also neglected to mention the X Box Live arcade and made a point that the PS3 has a bigger hard drive than the XB360.

Needless to say they didn't give much attention to the ridiculous price tag, rubbish games, crap online features, gimmick control pad with no rumble or enourmous physical size.

It made me sick.
Blogger jawa said...
i wonder how they are advertising it in argos. Daz can you inform us? I bet its just a picture of a PS3 next to some soverigns and a monkey bike.
Blogger Halverde said...
I told the woman (yes, WOMAN!) in GAME "Oh God no!" when she asked if I wanted to pre-order a PS3. She laughed and told me everyone had said that.

I think I'm in there.
Blogger aporkalypse said...
I got the same thing when I picked up Armed Assault for the PC in GAME yesterday. I got offered a guaranteed day one PS3 if I pre-ordered to which I said "maybe when they are cheaper" which received a knowing sigh from the poor bastard who has to say that to every customer he sees.
Blogger phorenzik said...
I'm the manager of an indie and we haven't taken a single pre-order. Mainly because we can't be arsed to even do a pre-order scheme. I'm sure there will be plenty of twats to buy it on day of release though.

Word verification: XYMEN

Blogger primaleyes said...
It's one thing promoting things, but to make stupid comparisons like that is out of order.

GAME management must be morons. They should want people to buy all the systems. Trying to make the 360 out to be inferior, is crazy!

I'd just say: " Latest Playstation Console " ... No price, no bullshit, that's what people appreciate.
Blogger primaleyes said...
It's all down to the games. Only Motorstorm is really impressive, and that's not a big name franchise.

The public want to see Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, GTA etc....

Why pay £450 for a machine with no stand-out games? People are just being patient. The PS3 will take off by the end of the year, and the price will probably be £299 by then.
Blogger CreamyRabbit said...
Your right, it is the lack of stand-out games, but its also the price. I think they are taking the piss now, thats way too much.
Blogger Saphion said...
Plus, it's really really shit.

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