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Once again we have confirmed ourselves as the number one conduit for the weirdos of the world:


"Hi UKR. I wasn't allowed to dye my dog blue but I did get away with sticking SEGA tattoos on her. I think you'll agree, they're better than Stuart's dog. My dog looks happy to be wearing SEGA things and even sat still while I was putting them on. And she has her tongue out and is offering a paw.

"The only bit of skin was on her belly which is a bit close to her vagina. Sorry about that. I tried to get pictures of not her vagina that much, but it's still clearly visible. I'll see what I can do to my cat next. And I'll still try and dye the dog blue one day! Gretta."

'Hello? RSPCA?'

Tomorrow we expect nothing less than photos of a cow's brain smeared over a road in a vague approximation of the SEGA logo.


Anything but dog vaginas, please.


Blogger phorenzik said...
Is it fuck better than my dog! Mine wore a SONIC hat and my cat is called SONIC!!! beat that! My dog can also see the future (although this skill was hard to convey in a photograph). Let's see if Kataku pinch your they won't. You just tried to copy me and 1-up me. Your dog is cool looking though. Also, I have a bearded dragon called Yoshi. I know thats not really relevant but I've just typed the words and my backspace key doesn't work. in years to come, my dog will be remembered as the world's first internet dog who wore a Sonic hat, and yours will fade into obscurity. I bet your dog likes sony too. Mine loves SEGA, and has completed every single Sega game ever made....and even those that haven't been made yet because it completes them in it's head, whilst using that future thing I mentioned that it could do earlier.
Blogger dw2k6 said...
expect to see this on kotaku tomorrow.
Blogger jeremy said...
-_- when it's on kotaku, no worries, i'll then post it on my site......and you can steal it from me, creating some weird interbutt sex trifecta.
Blogger Bas said...
More dog vaginas please.
Blogger jawa said...
Dog vaginas are the new sony.
Blogger Mark said...
Blogger Benjamin said...
Debating on ordering Sexy Dog Vagina Sudoku for my phone at this moment, but why buy the cow when you can get it for free. Or something.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
come on get a close up of her vagina we will all be very grateful

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