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Instead of uploading a Sony press release verbatim like it's actual news, let's look at all the PS3-selling online stores and see who's got some left. This is a proper investigation!
  • HMV: Yes
  • AMAZON: Yes
  • PLAY: Yes
  • GAME: Yes
  • ARGOS: Yes
  • TOYS R US: Yes

  • And so it goes on. This is completely unbelievable. Xbox 360 and Wii sold out in minutes - a week into the PS3 campaign EVERYONE still has piles left. This is total public humiliation for Sony.

    Even better, poor old is selling so few PS3s it's now started giving away Adam Sandler shitflick 'Click' on Blu-ray with its bundles. Sales going well then, Play? Maybe if we wait another week we'll get a free Samsung LCD telly?

    PS3 market share in the UK

    This is a graph we made to illustrate the facts, like Al Gore did in that documentary about the sun exploding. People believe graphs.


    Blogger phorenzik said...
    But would you really want a Samsung TV? Apparently, according to Currys, Samsung don't even make TVs, just the plastic frame surround.

    Word verification:

    Is this a new kind of fanny rag?
    Blogger Raton-Laveur said...
    but, uhm, can't all these "sony has lots of ps3s in stock before it goes on sale" news be used by sony fanboys to their advantage ? Say, to show that contrary to microsoft and nintendo, they have planned enough to prevent shortages ?
    Blogger Ben said...
    Blogger hollywooda said...
    hahahaha, ohh sony you love self penetration!!, Nobody cares about your foreman grill styled console & it's all your fault, we dont just like to watch the mighty fall, we also love to rush over in a three way goodfella's style huddle & stamp on there f**king face! yooooo mudda fuck!!!
    Blogger jawa said...
    they'll try and spin it into something about 'cool' and 'discerning' people buying it first.

    And nazis.
    Blogger SMEGHaMMeR said...
    no mate, according to "Currys", samsung tv's are just shit no matter which fucking nub makes em.
    Blogger Nathanael said...
    I think LG make vastly superior tv's. And video game consoles. And flamebait.

    raton-lavuer: No.
    Blogger primaleyes said...
    Sony want to sell PS3s?

    Put the price down to £199, with a free copy of Motor Storm, and people will buy it.

    The public obviously don't want to be taken for mugs anymore. Sony need to wake-up.

    If the Japanse machine was £430. No one in Japan would have bought it.

    People like the Playstation brand, but obviously not as much as Sony imagined.

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