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This is a sort of review of New Super Mario Bros on DS.

Ensign Teela wrote this. The official UKR line is that Mario still 'sucks'

He smells just like we remember!

'Still not a patch on Sonic, 6/10'

Look at him! The other kids laughed at us and said he was an unemployed plumber and a bent, but now he's at the top of his game! He hasn't even hit mummy once, even though everyone knows she's been going out with that creepy Mr Gates from the Aldi.

'Still not a patch on Zool, 6/10'

Hold us, daddy. The bank says that when we bought the house from them we actually only bought their permission to live in it, and they're going to evict us because we asked Joey round for a sleepover. Tell us that you're going to make it all okay and you'll never go away again.
Blogger Koston said...
Excellent review!!

200 out of 10!
Blogger Brutus said...
Blogger Cunzy11 said...
Look out koston, thats RPG talk.
Beautiful expample of 'New Games Journalism' - now im convinced.
Blogger Jill Sandwich said...
Will fans of the genre love it?
Blogger Fer said...
I propose the name of this game should be changed to "New Deliciously Dripping Vagina".
Blogger Tom K said...
It's a bit Sonic And Knuckles isn't it?

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