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TK Maxx is so old fashioned its internet presence doesn't let you shop online. If you want one of these you'll have to go into a branch. You'll also have to have SHIT LIFESTYLE BRAND "Joystick Junkies" burning a hole into the back of your neck.

This is the fantasy. This is the reality.

"I was just in TK Maxx the other day (does it even have two Xs...?). I wanted a cheap Jacket to take to festivals, managed to get a nice jacket for fifteen quid. Anyway, whilst browsing, I saw a t-shirt on special clearance sale. It says 'Supersonic' on it, and "'1991'. I'm not sure what they were thinking. Unless I am mistaken, the first appearance of Super Sonic in a game was in Sonic 2, which didn't come out 'til 1992. It is also clearly not Super Sonic, since he's blue."

"It apparently originally sold for £30, but is now £9.99. Not sure how long it took to drop in price that much, but if it anything like Sonic games, it's probably only a few weeks old."

"'Limited Edition' it says. Somehow I don't think so" - LewieP.

We used to hate them with PASSION, but now have a grudging admiration for them managing to get their t-shirts distributed via a nationwide chain, even if it is a sub-prime chain and the t-shirts are being heavily discounted.
Anonymous Meandmy said...
Why do these 'new' t-shirts always have to look like they've been washed a thousand times? Odd that.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think that's why it so heavily discounted. Clearly not a very good rint and it's rubbed off during shipping.

Or maybe that's what the kids these days like?
Fuck knows, don't even know why I'm even writing anything anymore.
Blogger Badben said...

TK Maxx Price: £ 9.99

Actual Value: £ Negligable
Blogger GigerPunk said...
I think it's so people can pretend they've had the t-shirt for years and have thus been 'into' whatever the print is referring to longer than anyone else.

There's also the fact that they'd probably fall apart if you washed it that many times to get that faded effect. Kinda like the stack of Goth t-shirts I currently have gathering moths at the back of the wardrobe...(Only that's genuine wear and tear, nothing fake about my grey sisters of mercy t-shirts)
Blogger Tomleecee said...
Yeah, I noticed a fair few Joystick Junkies shirts in my local TK Maxx jumble sale too. They've clearly got their sizes wrong though - you could use a 'medium' Joystick Junkies t-shirt as a marquee. Or bog roll. The possibilities are endless!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
oh fuck sake lewieP on ukresistance, what a cunt
Anonymous Anonymous said...
her names egg monroe shes older
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Sure it's limited. Limited to how many they can make.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Limited by Sega's imagination, which these days is really quite limited. I predict a new version of this t-shirt in a year with the new addition being 'fake spunk stains', to which Sega will claim 'seemed like a good idea at the time'.

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