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Then SHIT LIFESTYLE BRAND Joystick Junkies would like to hear from you! You might be able to help them sell their shite t-shirts that feature such genius designs as a logo that says "Activision".

Joystick Junkies - Now BEYOND a joke

Which, reading between the lines, means "We'd like to get some photos of pretty girls in the office. We will then invite the prettiest ones to our parties and try to have sex with them after giving them lots of vodka."

  • It's six months too late
  • There are no girl gamers left
  • It's for "Joystick Junkies"
  • Labels:

    Blogger schteddy said...
    You forgot the last thought process going through their minds that goes:

    "Girls who play games must have low self. They will probably also have low alcohol tolerance. Sex for me!"
    Blogger Jo said...
    Pah! It's all lies! Like when you implied that no girls like Sega and none of them have blue hair.
    Blogger Captain Spank said...
    Are you... a girl?
    Blogger Jo said...
    Apparentely so. Although given that you won't believe me anyway, I could also say that I was a child of Sega and have blue hair. But I digress. You're probably just drunk and imagining things again.
    Blogger Dogmeat said...
    Another girl gaming 'clan' for Consolevania to vent their bile over? The more the merrier.
    Blogger Michael said...
    Do wankfest companies like this pay any royalties or have any official licencing deals with Activision, Taito. etc.? I bet not, in which case why can't we get them shut down for their Nathan Barley-esque oh-so-ironic overpriced crap?

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