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Terms like "alarming collapse" and "battered" used by financially-minded grown-ups to describe Sony's terrible current state. The gaming division has contributed to this with "lower-than-expected" sales.

SEGA is rumoured to be using its Football Manager profits to buy up remnants of gaming division at "fire sale" price.

'...sobbing in cubicle three...'

Gaming division. Axe the gaming division. Please axe the gaming division. Fingers crossed for massive job losses, at least.


Blogger Tysoe_J said...
This is it. Surely?

Big clever bosses at big Sony can't keep believing SCEJ that the PS3 will pick up...
Anonymous Carr said...
Oh bollocks, I just had a wank in the shower. I won't be ready to go again until well after lunch :(
Blogger JoeMDesign said...
I didn't want Sony to kill themselves! The victory should come with Sega's new console proving that we haven't wasted our lives worshipping a company that repeatedly doesn't listen to us.

I'm sad to see people lose their jobs but Sony are supposed to be the market leaders and their the only ones who aren't rolling in cash these days. I keep reading about how good Christmas was for games but no-one seems to say much for the PS3 other than that Blu-Ray sales have gone up a bit.

I doubt Sony will leave the games hardware market because the PlayStation brand the only REAL success the company has truly had in the last 20 years and they don't want to give up on PlayStation-powered Blu-Ray format yet either (although digital downloads are gonna kill the home video market in the next few years anyway)

Sony, it's time to refocus. You guys HAD casual gamers in Europe with the Eyetoy, Buzz, Singstar, etc and your in-fighting with Sony America caused most of those games to be ignored internationally. You screwed over poor Phil Harrison with his infamous "last-generation" comments about controller vibration and you didn't build on any of the success that you made.

Instead, you release another uninspired and unimaginative console with the soul intention of forcing people to adopt your own movie disc format and expect that you can live off of past successes.

If this is the way Sony want to do things then they deserve everything they get. And I'm not just saying that because Tomb Raider 2 was cancelled for the Saturn...

wv: endsta (the end... of sta? Sony Terrorist Alliance?)
Anonymous Anonymous said...
"soul intention"? Say hello to Mr Freud.
Blogger colin said...
I see a lot of people (not really anyone in this thread in particular yet) talking about how the Playstation name will certainly be around next generation because Sony is big, and rich, and can make a go of it no matter what. Time for a history lesson for anyone thinking about posting that.

Atari was owned by Time Warner when it really started to tank. The big, rich, multimedia time Warner lost a half billion dollars in one year and basically gave Atari away to Jack Tramiel, who refocused it as a computer company, taking a hiatus from videogames until the market revived. Atari never made it back on top.

The Colecovision was owned by Coleco who had made a bazillion dollars off of their Cabbage Patch Kids and saw good sales of the Colecovision (which was on the way to taking Atari's lead). The market burped and they were done.

Mattel had made so much money from toys (specifically Barbie) that they were using money to paper the floor of their houses when training puppies. The Intellivision was the second most popular gaming system up to that point. The market went into a bit of a spin and they sold their company for approximately $8.95.

When the market is under pressure, companies, even those with success in other markets, cut their losses. Right now the videogame division of Sony overall is losing money (that is counting any money still being made by the PSP and PS2). The company as a whole just reported its first full year loss in 14 years. They cannot afford to drop the console's price as they still lose money at the current price and their president has said one of his priorities is to return the money sapping gaming division to profitability (and he said that, I bellieve, before things got really bad for them on the TV and cellphone front as well).

Going by historical trends, one has to assume that without being able to do anything to increase demand (they don't have the money or the desire to lower prices, or the power to increase third party interest without bribery, which they can't afford) one good way to cut the loses of the game division is to sell it, like Mattel, Atari, and Coleco all did in similar situations.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
They'll sell it to Sega! And Then the Playstation 3 will be renamed the Dreamcast 2, and you'll all have to kill yourselves.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
What the fuck is up with Howard Stringer blaming it on a bad economy? Newsflash: your competitors are making a profit.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I never thought I'd be buying the Financial Times as wank-fodder, but this morning they've gone with the Sony story. I'll have to see if I can knock a shady one out when I get to work.

And Daily Star, please take note... you are missing out on the hardcore Sega folks by having gormless totty on your front page. Howie Stringer in a g-string with 'take this bitch' tattooed on his arse cheek is what's needed for more sales.

The third reich of gaming companies will barely make it for 3 yrs with the PS3. mwhaa haa haa.

word verification - Bonver. Nearly all of Bon Iver (all there except for the guy who likes sitting alone in the woods - possibly wanking over Sony's doom, in between writing the odd song).
Blogger JoeMDesign said...
"soul intention"? Say hello to Mr Freud.


Hello, Mr Freud.

(I was foolish to think that people wouldn't notice... I'll do better from now on)

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