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Forget Nintendo's cock-drawing-transmitting Pictochat device, SEGA was facilitating experimental adolescent sex chat FIRST with its IR7000 Communicator. Quite an achievement, considering the technological limitations of the time period.

It has 14 amazing features, several of which are explained on the box. We're betting one of the remaining ten is "Durable plastic casing."

'My place after school, love Uncle Colin x'

From here. Even comes with "Original battery bundle." Imagine that!

Someone did, but we've lost your email. Sorry about that. Thanks, anyway. If you had anything particularly funny to say about it send it in and we'll stick it on.
Blogger Studley said...

See, even teachers were allowed to get in on the filth back then. It was a simpler time.
Blogger Addam said...
I remember Sears Christmas catalogs having tons of these useless devices.
Blogger P.P.A. said...
Looks nice.

But anyway, I just came across the OutRun remix to end all OutRun remixes. A MSX rendition of Passing Breeze, and it sounds absolutely wonderful. Beating even the excellent Euro Remix of our friend Richard.
I almost cried at how beautiful this is.
Blogger Marcel said...
Me and my little brother had these when we were young. They were quite cool but being the cunts we were at the time we eventually got bored of them and lost them after a couple years.
Blogger Oliver said...
why have they allowed a pregnant lesbian to get its hands on this device?
Blogger Montague said...
Aw, man, I sent this in, and I didn't even get a name drop? Anyhoo, I sent this while it was still available on eBay, and here's an extract of the accompanying email...
(1) SEGA IR 7000 main unit (c) 1994
(1) Original battery bundle
(1) Original Sega box
(1) Original Sega manual
that's right - original battery bundle!! What rare SEGA-approved/manufactured batteries lie dormant since 1994?? It's in-box, and with a manual! Do mine eyes deceive me?! It resembles one of those horizontal electronic-travel-translators, but has the beautiful SEGA brand printed on the top left, and communicates via Infra-Red! That's IR technology in a SEGA hand-held device 4 years before Ninty's 1998 'GameBoy Color'. perhaps this was supposed to be merged with the Game Gear to create a dual-screen, wireless-link entertainment system back in the first half of the 90's? Who knows...

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