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A smiling face. That's the key. If this artwork was drawn today, Sonic would be snarling. Or looking down at you in some way. Or pointing a gun at your bitch. Or just coming across as aggressive while he TXT MSGs his crew about when/where the heroin shipment is arriving.

But back THEN, in the happy times, everyone smiled. Even when they were doing something Xtreme.

Sonic The Friendly Gang Member

Apparently found lying about in Hyde Park.
Blogger Blastcage said...
Blogger Jawatron said...
Whe you say 'urban' do you really mean 'black'?
Blogger AT said...
He's got attitude. But it's a positive attitude. :)

nxlow: text talk for the upcoming UK-R update
Blogger Murray said...
I feel horrifically cheated. My 'Hedgehog With Attitude' board has Sonic's legs painted in that tan shade like his arms. Pssh, got landed with the defective one.

...still, at least the paintwork's still in tact, misappropriated as it is.

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