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Word reaches us that the Sony chief Kaz Hirai has committed harikiri after learning that the PS3 was outsold by the Xbox 360 in japan last week. The Gaijin console sold 28,116 compared to the derisory 10,705 of the PS3 heaping SHAME and HUMILIATION on the beleagured Hirai San, who is believed to have carried out the "Happy Despatch" shortly after learning the news.
Either that or he couldn't take another 90 minute cutscene in MGS4.

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Kaz Hirai - Yesterday (probably)

Blogger JoeMDesign said...

No he isn't... Leave it to Sony fanboys blogs to make things up. UK:R is the home of truth.
Blogger Luvbeers said...
I doubt Hirai would commit harikiri over the PS3. One must remember that Sony do not care about gaming, young grasshoppers. Now if HD-DVD outsold the Blu-Raysan, you would see a lot of steel being sharpened on waterstone.
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
I hope Sony bring Kutaragi back to run things!

He can get started on the Playstation 4 which will have at least 52 asymmetrical cores. At the last minute they will also then have to hire nVidia or ATI to bolt one of their graphics cards onto the system.

Finally they'll hire a bunch of chimps to half finish the dev kits and then ship it all a year late!

Then the Dreamcast 2 will come out and bury Sony.
Blogger Nick said...
It's Ridge Racer.
Blogger Keith Andrew said...

Not really UK:R's finest hour, this.
Blogger Tysoe_J said...
It's here where I genuinely start to wonder whether Sony will ever make another games console
Blogger Dead Man Typing said...
Boo! I went through that darn blogger password reset process and linked to a google account, for which I had to reset my password, linked to an old email address... and all that. All just to say that this wasn't funny and better luck next time.

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