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All those commoners who came in here looking for Lara Croft porn need to know that's not what we're about. This is what we are in fact about.

"Noticed this the other day whilst MY GIRLFRIEND was watching Masterchef. An almost certain Dreamcast/BBC crossover, endorsed by a camp Australian and Harry Hill. To sum up, the Masterchef logo behind the two guys looks like what the Dreamcast logo does, I don't watch Masterchef, and I most certainly was NOT cupping my balls whilst Andi Peters 'finished' his dessert. Yours manly, Andi_Peters_YUM!"


Blogger Steve said...
I was going to send in a picture of my parents' shower curtain claiming it was a new low, but I don't think I can beat this.
Blogger fd said...
I love that people still think this site can hit a 'new low' when we all know it's been lodged in gutter for a while and will probably require specialist equipment to dislodge.

P.S Anyone else seen that Andi Peters is now 'ripped' and can be spotted flexing on Men's Health covers?
He's my Dreamcast.
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
I can take her down further then this. You've got to think in three dimensions.
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
The only interesting thing to ever happen on Celebrity Z-List Master Chef is that I now know the blonde one from the band Steps has really let herself go. Definitely wouldn't now, sadly.
Blogger Badben said...
Eye eye cmdr_. Balast tanks are filling and the seabed sonar is on. Nose down 20 degrees, speed 35 knots.
Blogger Apples and Oranges said...
I passed in some art shopper the other day. It had lots of paintings with swirls. I was pretty amazed (I associated Dreamcast logo on the second, thanks guys) and I even asked price for one. They were all about 200€-300€. It looks the price but it doesn't play games, unfortunetly.

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