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Sonic t-shirts would seem to be the new ironic heavy metal t-shirts. We don't know if this is good or salty-upper-lip bad.

Sonic t-shirts - as ironic as cowboy shirts and big sunglasses :((((

"Found this in the window of our local Next. It's selling a new Sonic T-Shirt with the print authentically distressed to show its 1991 vintage. The mannequin was wearing two shirts which made it impossible to tell whether it's going for £7 or £14. Keep up the great work. Though we die, La Resistance lives on" - Nicholas.

Uniqlo's ill-advised excursion into video game character licensing

We also had lots of emails a while back regarding the awesome SEGA t-shirt range that was for sale via UNIQLO. It even hit the UK, but was discounted pretty quickly. Some things never change.

Blue t-shirts on games web sites campaign

BUSINESS PLAN: Perhaps we ought to buy 1000 of these and make this the new official UKR t-shirt by flogging them on for £12?
Blogger weatherbox said...
Look they worked so hard their own 'sweat and feces' went into making it. Oh wait, that says "sweat and fleeces". I bought one on that premise too! I think I've been fleeced.
Blogger Mentalist-air said...
To be fair to next, they have Mario T-shirts

as well as the Sonic one

Perhaps they're intended for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games fans.
Blogger AT said...
Stick a Virtua Fighter image on a t-shirt and you're asking to end up in the bargain bins. Seriously.

Give me Blaze Fielding or Joe Musashi any day.
Blogger Benjamin said...
I'd buy a yellow Jeffry McWild shirt, though that Akira one isn't too bad itself. Too bad the dollar is so weak right now that the heavily discounted shirts still would cost an arm and a leg. :/
Blogger Benjamin said...
Scratch that -- I see why it's not selling. Clicking either "Buy Now" or "Add to bag" forces a pop-up notice: "Please select a size." Yet, the drop down list "Select Size" has nothing in it to select.

I'd complain to the company, but somehow that seems fitting for a Sega product. :(

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