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We usually have as much interest in buying a Wii as we do buying a swab of herpes virus off the internet and applying it liberally to the underside of our foreskins, then boiling up the swab to make a nice meaty soup.

However, things can change quite rapidly in the world of video game criticism.

Samba de Amigo - possibly Wii-converting game

We reserve the right to change viewpoints and opinions by 100% on any given day, when SEGA games are involved.

Samba de Amigo - possibly Wii-converting game

Today, for example, we may just decide to declare Wii the best thing ever.

Samba de Amigo - possibly Wii-converting game

Because of this.

Samba de Amigo - possibly Wii-converting game

Because of HER!

Samba de Amigo - possibly Wii-converting game

There is a full tracklisting for Wii Samba here. It is enough to have us popping down to Toys R Us at lunchtime to place a pre-order. At least we held out for nearly two full years before caving in to Nintendo's scheme.
Blogger Knifetotheeye said...
Not to rain on anyone's parade or anything but Tubthumping is on the soundtrack.

Not even the lovely Ulala makes up for that pile of wank.
Blogger AT said...
The first paragraph of this article is quite possibly the best paragraph of written word in the history of mankind.
Blogger HighTower said...
First photo - Ulala bending over gets a double HARD at the bottom of the screen

Other photos - Ulala in various forward facing poses only gets a single NORMAL at the bottom of the screen

Such an accurate representation of my anatomical response to Ulala's posterior I never thought I'd see...
Blogger The GagaMan(n) said...
Didn't you already cave into Nintendo's scheme when you declared Animal Crossing Game of 2006? Just a thought.

Samba De Amigo is about as "Blue Skies in games" as you can get. Worth buying a Wii for all on it's own. Adding Ulala to the mix only sweetens the deal.
Blogger paperghost said...
I might just have to wet my pants.
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
Buying a DS isn't caving it. It still has a few games that reach certain quality thresholds. Just steer clear of the Ubisoft aisle.
Blogger The GagaMan(n) said...
I suppose not, no. Sega has been putting quite a lot on the Wii recently though, what with Madworld and that new House of the Dead and everything. At least someone knows you can make more than just shit Wii Sports knock offs for the system, which is more than can be said for just about every other third party on the Wii.
Blogger Seven Bastards said...
Nobody else noticed the incredibly long translucent dildo she's holding in the second pic. Shame.

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