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It looks like Phil Harrison gave himself an award when he left Sony, a little something to remind him that things used to be good once.

'When I first came up with the idea of giving myself an award...'

Sam sent this in. He found it on the maker's site, where they say it was "commissioned by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) for the president of SCE worldwide."

' mum... all the staff at Dixons... my barber for being so discreet...'

Technically, for sales purposes, this contains copyrighted imagery of PS3, so can be counted as a PS3 that Sony shipped during 2008.

'I would like to thank UKR for all the publicity'

Well done, Phil. It's a shame everything half-decent you did during the first eight years was obliterated by the shitstorm of the final two, though.
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
I'm sure Phil is going to do a wonderful job of getting Atari to steal casual game ideas from Nintendo and claiming he thought of them first! Here's to another 15 years of other people's innovation!
Blogger fujiwaratofu said...
sorry but his roles through the years tells you all you need to know about Phil "me-in" Harrison.

Comms Director - Pretended to know how to talk to the market

Third Party Director - Pretended to know how Third parties worked

Develepment - Pretended to know how development worked

President - what great credentials Phil had to get this role NOT!

no wonder the PS3 is such a screw started to go all wrong when Phil actually believed he could do anything more than internal commuications management.
Blogger bilal said...
I quite like it, actually.

Ideally, they'd have used the prototype PS3 with the two hdmi ports, ten USB ports and three ethernet sockets as a joke, then it would've perfect.

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