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It looks like the first SEGA Saturn II launch game has been revealed - behold the piss-poor brown textures and 1999-level PC graphics of Motorstorm: Pacific Rimming.

Motorstorm: Specific Rimming

This, of course, is the CG trailer for Motorstorm 2. This is what they SAID it would look like. Some people may have actually believed this!

Motorstorm: Generic Cruft

And here's the game. This is what it really looks like. There's a bit of a difference. The sort of difference that some might say is downright CRIMINAL and a deliberately misleading act by a DESPERATE company on the brink of losing everything.

Motorstorm: Moronic Wish

This is also the game. Note that even covering the image with blur effects cannot mask the 1996-standard blotchy brown ground texture. As a last roll of the dice before extinction, this is a pathetic attempt.

Motorstorm: Pathetic. Pfft.

You're not winning us over by putting hot air balloons in it. Created by Evolution Studios. Or, as we shall now insist they are called, Devolution Studios. Or perhaps even Final Solution Studios, such is the horrific nature of the scheme it is planning to unleash.
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
This seems to follow the format of all Sony's offerings this gen:

1) Release bullshit CGI videos showing graphics the PS3 can't hope to generate.

2) Delay the game loads because the PS3 is really difficult to program.

3) Release a mediocre game that took twice as long to make as it should have and only looks half as good as the CGI movie claimed it would.

4) Review sites that depend on Sony revenue give the game a good mark because they dare not point out all the failings of the PS3 for fear of pissing off Sony and the SDF.

5) The Sega faithful ignore all this and carry on playing Fanturn games.
Blogger Tysoe_J said...
Every time I see a Sony trailer I always look to one of two things;
1. Sony's Gran Turismo 2000 and Ridge Racer V PS2 graphical demos. Turned out to be, of course, a video.
2. The PS3 Tekken graphical shots. Also CGI
and my hatred is reassured.
Blogger bilal said...
lol the GT video was a classic.

i was playing GT5 this evening and i'm thinking it looks pretty wank, really. i think they've spent too long on it that pgr4 and stuff have made us used to super snazzy cars
Blogger slim1945 said...
My favorite Sony lie has to be this quote by Jack Tretton at G4's E3 2005 interview.

"Our motto is under promise and over deliver"

And just before they showed the infamous Killzone 2 video lol.
Blogger Resident said...
It's about time companies like Sony were taken to task for the blatant false advertising in these so called "teaser trailers."

One time I saw a teaser trailer for a movie, and some of the scenes they showed in the trailer WERE NOT EVEN IN THE MOVIE.

Needless to say, half-way through the film I began tossing popcorn at the screen and screaming obscenities until I was forcibly removed from the premises. They call it "being a public nuisance". I call it "sticking it to the man".

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