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This is one of those updates where we have caved in under massive public demand. Everyone thinks we should "do something" about the HD remake of Sonic 2, so here it is.

Some kids on the internet are remaking Sonic 2 in HD. This is what it looks like:

Looks OK, innit?

We don't want to go "poo-pooing" anyone's hard work or anything, but the chances of this reaching any sort of meaningful conclusion are rather remote. It's one thing drawing up some pretty sprites and having everyone on the internet go "Wow!" over them, but sooner or later someone's going to get lumbered with recreating all of Oil Ocean Zone. Then it's not going to seem like such a jolly laugh.

You can see the nicotine-stained fingers

Still, we've been maintaining a SEGA-based folly for 12 years now, so aren't really in any position to go handing out advice.
Blogger Bas said...
Not to mention SEGA will probably send a Cease And Desist letter, but only when the project is 90% finished, so they can laugh at all their hard work being futile.
Blogger P.P.A. said...
Seeing as this is the Sonic hacking community, I predict people to lose interest a few weeks into the project and everyone forgets about it.

I never cared actually, primarily because I'm not interested in Sonic 2. Sonic 1 HD, that would be awesome.
(Not Sonic CD HD because it already is perfect as it is /bias)
Blogger bilal said...
They probably won't*.

It doesn't look like they've kicked up a fuss over the Streets of Rage remake anyway.

* They'd better not
Blogger P.P.A. said...
This post has been removed by the author.
Blogger P.P.A. said...
Oh, I wanted to say that the link in the post is rather misleading. I don't know who the people of that "savygamer" blogspot are, but they got a lot of facts wrong and linking to the place where the game is actually made ( ) might be a better idea.
Blogger LewieP said...
I fact checked it with TheSonicRetard and he said that what I wrote was all correct.
Blogger Allan said...
"The engine is going to be using a colour palette system with 256 simultaneous colours on screen at once"

Why only use 256 colours?
Are they only listening to The Shamen and watching The Harry Enfield Show, too?
But HD is ok. Typical - its one rule for one technology, and one rule for copying Viz letters page.
Blogger P.P.A. said...
This post has been removed by the author.
Blogger P.P.A. said...
@ LewieP: He must have been wrong then. The project doesn't really have a set staff yet. Vincent (who's also made Sonic's sprite and a few other things) is more or less coordinating stuff together with Aethelstone, Tweaker comments on everything and will probably make some of the music, and the last time I checked they didn't fully decide on an engine yet either. Everyone can contribute if they want to (and the quality is high enough) and there's no set development team so far.
(BlazeHedgehog and Cinossu also contributed music, but they aren't solely responsible for all of it.)
Blogger Naveed said...
ppa: sonic 1/2/cd are basically the same game with different levels, how do you care about one and not the other?

also, i don't know much about this shit but i use the 2xSAI Kreed renderer in Gens which gives it a sweet OpenGL effect and that looks fine to me.

Blogger P.P.A. said...
>sonic 1/2/cd are basically the same game with different levels,

That's just wrong. While both Sonic CD and 2 do base themselves on Sonic 1, they split into very different style and gameplay directions. Sonic CD focuses on short yet huge, explorable levels with lots of replay value, packed in awesome surreal graphics with similarly unique music whereas Sonic 2 is more focused on simple fun without much exploration, tactics or replay value (but a bit more speed). The graphics are also a bit unimaginative.
Also there are of course the differences in spindashes, Acts per Zone (or Zones per Round), level progression and so on.
While I respect Sonic 2 as a good game, I think it doesn't really capture the essence of Sonic as well as Sonic CD (and Sonic 1) do.
Blogger Steve said...

Sonic 1 didn't have the spin dash, which is a pretty big thing. I always found it quite hard to go back to Sonic 1 after I got used to the spin dash, which was why I found the option to enable it in Sonic Jam so lovely.
Blogger bilal said...
bring back Swill Man

we need something other than Sonic CD to argue over
Blogger TheSonicRetard said...
As the lead graphics programmer, and a member of the sonic community since it's inception, I take great offense to being called "a kid on the internet." First, because I'm graduating with my degree, second because we've been doing this stuff since 1996, third because our ranks include the former project leader for Sonic Xtreme, and fourth because we have a long history of doing incredible work. Sonic megamix? Us. Pro Sonic? Us. Retro Sonic? Us. That 1000 prototype dump from a few days ago (which required thousands of dollars worth of donation)? Us.

We're a little bit more than just "a few kids on the internet."
Blogger Steve said...
Get over it.
Blogger Mark said...
Have you done a proof-of-concept on this, though, or have you just drawn some hi-res sprites? Please, please say you've got a PoC. I'll donate some money and everything.

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