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This marks a first. We are excited about a wastepaper basket. We are either really old and standing in Habitat looking at wastepaper baskets and wondering what happened to the last 40 years, or... IT'S AN AWESOME SEGA WASTEPAPER BASKET!

Please, scroll down slowly. Don't spoil it for yourself. The photographs get better as you go down and are best enjoyed slowly.


You think this is good? This is NOTHING. Just wait until you see the other side. This is the side that goes against the wall. This, incredibly, is the shit side...


This is the awesome side!

And it gets better! This bin somehow defies physics and has three increasingly awesome sides. That is, literally, the greatest piece of Sonic The Hedgehog artwork EVER. And it's been wasted on a fucking bin. It should've been painted on Australia so it can be seen from space.

And a joke to go at the end

And there's even a joke to go at the end. Text book reader submission from Andrew Elliott, owner of the world's greatest wastepaper basket.
Blogger Cyber Razor said...
What a perfect punchline to end on...
Blogger supersonicjim said...
That's a legendary bin!

My dickhead mate though, put my copy of Sonic for the Xbox360 in the wheely bin.
Blogger Normski said...
Would Andrew Elliott be able to tell us if Pringles - Rice Infusions are nice or, as suspected carboardy tasting rubbish. The price of a tube is prohibitively high to try them without a review. Thank you

wv (astonishingly): rspcc - the most common vistitor to Idiot Toys according to web-stats
Blogger phorenzik said...
My mate had one of those bins. He used to hide fags under it so his mum wouldn't find them. The base of the bin is actually inverted upwards by about an inch, making it the perfect place to hide fags and the like.
Blogger Peeping Mantis said...
I also sent pictures of my Sonic Puzzle Ball but I suppose it's not as good as my bin (still better than XBOX 360 Sonic though).

Rice Pringles Review:

PROS: Rice Pringles are crunchier than ordinary Pringles and taste pretty much the same. They're not cardboardy rubbish like the old Pringles Light which had little flavour on them.

CONS: They're not Blue Doritos.

SCORE: 8.353263764 / 10

If anyone is sad enough, owns a 360 with a XBOX LIVE connection and wants to see the bin in REALTIME add me as a friend: Peeping Mantis.
Blogger Trilby said...
Never mind hedgehogs in bins:

Could it be...?
Blogger Billy said...
Oh, I used to have one of them! Completly forgot about it until now. I wonder what happened to it?
Blogger Richard said...
Sonic is a bumtard.

People who admire Sega products are bumtarded.
Blogger supersonicjim said...
It is funny because your name is Dick and you are one.
Blogger Joel said...
I have one of these too

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