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Cheap? Check! Plastic? Check! For kids? Check! A sign of bygone days when it was Sonic and SONIC ALONE that ruled the world of video game merchandise? CHECK! It's the Sonic The Hedgehog... Spinning Battle Thing!

"I was rummaging through some old stuff and came across this classic Sonic toy. I'm not exactly sure what it's called, but it's like a miniature Sonic fighting game."

"Basically you had to insert the models inside the spinners, and twist them up. Then you'd close the case, and press the button on the side of the spinner to spin them into the ring. First one to be knocked down loses."

"An awesome toy, it's been played to death; the Robotnik spinner broke :("

"Well, just thought you might be interested! Thanks, Mike."

Thanks, Mike. It's certainly something to do an update about on a day like today. Even the blurry photos will do.
Blogger Wrestlevania said...
I had a set of these when I were a lad, but the figures were little gladiatorial robots.

They consumed whole MINUTES--and the perfect distraction whilst Newsround prattled away to itself in the background before Blue Peter.
Blogger FuzzyPiggy said...
Wow! Sonic themed marital aids in a snazzy plastic, purple box! The perfect wedding aniversary gift for that special retro gamer in your life!
Blogger Chris said...
I had a set of these, and can confim they were epic. As they were mine, I was always Sonic, and my brother was always Robotnik.

I battled for all that is good in the world.

It is little wonder he is now in jail, I made him into my personal Robotnik.
Blogger Sofox said...
I remember seeing photos for this. I think they were given as prizes in the official UK Sonic Magazine, possibly in their first Summer Special issue.
Blogger Joe said...
They were made by Tomy and called "Battlerz". I had (and probably still have somewhere) a set of my own. Not Sonic based though unfortunately.
Blogger Chayne said...
Blogger Arpz said...
Joe, that's a mistake, they're actually called 'Spinjas' (maybe spelt with a Z). Good effort though
Blogger Wrestlevania said...

Might be a regional thing; mine were definitely called 'Battlerz' as well - though 'Spinjaz' is admittedly loads better. :-/
Blogger Arpz said...
Ah, nice to know... this guy has a youtube channel about them, kinda fanatical it seems

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