UK:RESISTANCE 'main page'
It is everywhere. It is mocking us. The walls laugh at our collective failure and broken dreams. It's even in prestigious Japanese orange rather than European blue.

The water in the plug hole. The icing on the cake. Even the clouds

"I was on a business trip to Prague and saw our beloved logo being exploited by a glassware shop clearly ripping off tourists with over priced crap. I immediately thought of you - Gabe."


Blogger Markusdragon said...
Yegods, the font is a ripoff of the sonic 3 level title font.
Blogger Cunzy11 said...
I like Zorg will be growing a comedy tash until Prague is razed to the ground.
Blogger fujiwaratofu said...
the czech cunts are selling the DCs cheap at 50% off! How dare they sully the market price of the DC....wait a minute the bastards at ebay are selling them off even cheaper!!!! all CUNTS!
Blogger Javier said...
"I was on a business trip to Prague.."

yeah right, a stag night trip to the lap dancing clubs in Prague more like!!

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