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Courtesy of Impact Innovations, which is in the process of licensing only the finest Chinese manufacturers to create a new range of Sonic toys.

The fastest Sonic game yet!

"I found some upcoming UK classic Sonic merchandise that you may be interested in. They're all by the company Impact Innovations, which have already made some Sonic plushes and beanies. Included are RC Racers, track sets (why Mario had one of these before Sonic I'll never know) WITH A LOOP, a Sonic figure with a webcam stuck in his stomach and Sonic and Tails USB flash drives. Which will clearly get you friends if you own - Sandy."

2GB or 4GB of porn hiding space

A 2GB or 4GB Sonic USB stick! Also available in Tails variety. If you want one, wait a year then buy one of the unsold Tails ones for a tenth of the price. Who ever buys Tails merchandise? He's second in quantity only to Big The Cat in the bargain buckets of the land.

Sonic with guts coming out

And a terrifying Sonic webcam. We'll go out on a limb and say there's ZERO CHANCE of this actually being approved and made. SEGA wouldn't put its name to any old tat with Sonic's name on, would it?
Blogger Benjamin said...
Sonic should have got that mole checked out long ago. Probably become malignant during the Saturn years. :(
Blogger Tru said...
You can get those plushes at GAME. They do a Eggman one, apparently, but I have yet to see him :(
Blogger stx said...
Ref the USB Drive, Collect them all?

All two of them?
Blogger The Swill Man said...
What do you know? I've actually been looking for a webcam. Ditto with a USB flash drive. And it would be hard to lose a Sonic-shaped one.

I want to want the race car set, but I can't help but picture the track pieces breaking to bits when I try to assemble them.
Blogger benny lemon said...
Come on... what happened elsewhere on the network?

You can't keep changing things you know. We don't deal well with it.
Blogger bilal said...
Blogger The GagaMan(n) said...
Exclusive? Ahem (from march 29th):
Blogger Michael Rossell said...
None of this stuff is nestling between an ample busom. Poor update.

Although, girls on Idiot Toys prove it's recently sold out and going mainstream. Epic Fail.

Swings and Roundabouts.
Blogger Jawatron said...
where's the lens?

ahh its good to be back.

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