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Then you've gotta get yourself some Philippines candy cigarettes, dude! All the fastest animals in Mobius put away 60 a day!

'I'll get you *cough* next time *wheeze* Eggman!'

"I smoke now... Thanks SEGA! OK, not really, not even SEGA could make me do that. Well, not Sonic, maybe Aika (From Skies of Arcadia) could. I found these bad boys in the Philippines, a country where it's not cool to eat veggies, just meat and sweets - Rosskeld."
Blogger Tysoe_J said...
Rosskeld not only sounds an awful lot like a particular music festival, but he also feels the need to point out that Aika is from SoA... for shame
Blogger Caleb said...
If he feels he needs to point out that Aika was in SoA he doesn't have a clue what kind of website this is.

I can't even guess what they will put Sonic's face on next...
Blogger Trilby said...
In other Sonic news, he's been
Blogger Andronix said...
What's not to like?
Sonic. Good.
Candy. Good.
Cigarettes. Good.

Where can I get these? I think my nephews would love 'em.
Blogger Ben said...
Blogger Naveed said...
all this teaches our kids is that cigarettes are delicious and a foot long each. unless you just have really tiny hands.

Blogger Cunzy11 said...

Nah don't worry about it. She just has boyfriend to try to make Sonic jealous. It won't work, he's above such childish games.
Blogger David said...
Saw something simiar in Ireland.
It was a small, matchbox sized cardboard box with small white candy sticks inside. On the front was Sonic 3 are, the one with Sonic in a jungle, giving 3 fingers up and Tails and Robotnik in the background.
The type of candy was pretty popular at the time, now its gone.

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