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Want to look like a twat?

Unable to tie shoe laces?

Got small feet?

If so, then these are for you:

They seem to be based on that Sonic anime series that initially sounded quite good, but ultimately ended up being complete shite due to the inclusion of that stupid kid and those even stupider robots.

Also, there seems to be lots of random BLOCK CAPITALS in the item description, which leads me to believe that The Swill Man might be the seller.

Ebay auction here
Blogger AT said...
What the ad is missing is the line "forced sale due to feet permanantly being stuck in mouth".
Blogger mrplow said...
Wow already insulting The Swill Man inside actual posts.

I suggest that he was a fictional character planted to make us more likely to accept phorenzik, and even make him seem slightly funny. We cannot be fooled like this!
Blogger Remote_ said...
Gutted. US Shipping only. What a pisser.

Verification thingy: vlpgalwd - voluptuous girl... would.
Blogger Trilby said...
They've gone :( :( :(
Blogger Matt said...
Who's the faggot who bought them, come clean.

Also, he has a size 2 option available in his other items, anyone here with an infant, I dare you to stick these ugly chinese shoes on your unfortunate child.

WV: iiqruair: Ick, Russian air.
Blogger stx said...
I had a pair of Soap Shoes that I won from Sega as a promotion for Sonic Adventure 2. They were supposedly good for grinding down rails, but I thought it more likely I would end up with a broken neck if I tried to do this.

qxukurct - The sound of life escaping from the broken neck of an unfit 30 year old that has just tried grinding a handrail for the first and last time.
Blogger bilal said...
"I venture to guess you will not find these in your favorite department store"

thank god for that
Blogger fd said...
I had a pair of Sonic & Knuckles slippers. One slipper was Sonic's head, the other was Knuckles'. Ruined them going to the shops in the rain along a gravel path. Dunno why I thought that was a good idea.
Blogger Halverde said...
Phorenzik's entries have that Stupid Fucking Customers air about them. Hooray!
Blogger Michael said...
You may like SEGA's other footwear.. Then again, you may not.
Blogger The Swill Man said...
HAHAH phorenzik HOW did you know I was SELLING those AWESOME SHOES?! ^-^ LAWL!

Yeah, I had to GET RID OF THEM because I NEED MORE MONEY to buy MARIO GAMES- LAWL! :P I'm typing this from my Wii RIGHT NOW!!!

P.S. This is HOW I TYPE when I'm NOT BEING FUNNY about SEGA!!
Blogger Naveed said...
thank you for capitalizing the key words swill man


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