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You know how it sometimes seems cool to put SEGA stickers and logos on things? Well, sometimes it isn't. Sometimes it's even more embarrassing than the time you split your shorts during PE at school and all the netball girls from class M2 saw everything.

Sometimes, it is like this:

'If the wheels are rocking, I'm inside sobbing'

"I spotted this in the parking lot of my college, I tried to get a
shot of the fur-suit, but it must have been in the trunk. Enjoy! - Adam McAmis."

'My other car's a pink bubble car that goes 'toot toot'

Maybe if it wasn't Knuckles. Maybe if it was Cream. Maybe if it wasn't a Volvo. Maybe if it wasn't an old and poorly repaired Volvo. Error heaped upon error.
Blogger Haz-e said...
See, it's shit like this that essentially disproves Darwin's theory of evolution.
Blogger Caleb said...
Photoshop joke?

It's gotta be.

I mean I dunno. Would even a Sega fan put Tails on a car?
Blogger Haz-e said...
To be honest he also put Shadow on it. And Shadow is only a Sonic character in the same way that Rain is a Mortal Kombat character. That is to say he isn't because he's SHIT.

Clearly this is some kind of cruel college trick.
Blogger Infi said...
Maybe if you "wasn't" ignorant of the subjunctive mood.

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