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But we're using these photos, as the heart of the taker was in the right place - his underpants.

Ulala side/behind!

They were taken at a presentation of SEGA Superstars Tennis in Milan, where a woman was made to dress like Ulala. We hope giving out this information won't compromise the identity/employment of our source.

Ulala front/below!

We have lots of SEGA Superstars Tennis coverage planned. There will be the customary annual interview with Sumo Digital, at least 100 screenshots of the game, plus we may make a compilation video of the loading screens to put on YouTube - and could even go as far as changing the "masthead."

Ulala mysterious blue patch!

In the mean time, here's a mysterious blue patch up an Ulala-impersonator's dress, as captured by the poorest digital camera currently in use in the world today.

Reader "Chris" managed to enhance the blue area in question using advanced image manipulation techniques similar to those used by the FBI and Heat magazine:

Three fingers

Amy will NOT be happy.
Blogger Kentonio said...
Could that be some kind of remnant from the Ulala/Morolian cosplay debacle?
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
Could the mysterious blue object suggest this is another trap of some sort? Perhaps it's tape being used to keep a massive penis tucked around the back?
Blogger Crispy Floyd said...
Clearly, these images have ben photoshopped. By a hobo. On his Dell Inspiron.
Blogger Darren said...
If someone is a wizz at photoshop im sure there is some Ulala Upskirt action in photo 3.
Blogger Trilby said...
It's the same tampon string she's got wrapped round her leg in the first picture.

You've got to keep it somewhere.

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