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As well as all those rubbish photos of SEGA memorabilia, we have also assembled the following news items for other parts of the internet. Including:
  • This thing which is, on the surface, about boring cross-promotional media deals. But is actually just an excuse to link to an amazing YouTube clip of an Airbus A310 nearly crashing at an air show.

  • This thing in which we casually, and some might say effortlessly, slip the old agenda onto a Nintendo blog. Just for fun.

  • This thing about people that needs to done gone gets themselves a-killed. Or at least segregated off from everyone else and chemically castrated.

  • This thing about a collapse in the meat-based dog industry.

  • This thing about something to do with the Eee PC that happened somewhere foreign, because you can't not use pictures like this when they come along:

  • Hot mother/daughter action

    Not exactly inspirational, but at least not so bad we'll try to delete it all without anyone noticing in a few weeks. 5/5.
    Blogger Ross said...
    It seems that Halo can be used to distinguish loonies from the rest of us at an early age, so they can then be taken out of the population and quarantined on the Isle of Man.

    Qzlyqad - one of the game names Rowlings rejected while writing Harry Potter. Something to do with warming prefect's toilet seats.
    Blogger Thaddaeus said...
    What's the deal with people tormenting their younger siblings until they break then filming it and putting it on the internet? I've seen a few of them recently, and it's always pretty clear from the start that the older kid as been tormenting the younger child for a while to set it up. The kid is nearly in tears already before the match starts. It's not the child that's a freak, its his psychopathic older brother who thinks this is a decent way to treat your siblings.
    Blogger mikolai said...
    That Halo kid has serious problems.
    Blogger SMEGHaMMeR said...
    lol, he says something like "what are you, some kind of friggin maths teacher!?"

    You can't write shit like that...
    Blogger Scum fun said...
    @ Thaddaeus.Being a younger sibling myself,i have learnt that's what the older git does.Fucks sakes that happens all the time.It's history repeating it self,in fact grow up and deal with it.But in the same breath i was never found on the flow asking "wwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyy!!!11oneone".Also In the same breath, I didn't dribble like a three month old baby either.God that was realy funny.

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